Case Study on IBM Company

IBM Case Study:

International Business Machines (IBM) is the transnational corporation, which is one of the largest manufacturers and providers of the computer hardware and software and also provides IT and consulting services. The company was founded in 1911 and was called Computing Tabulating Recording. The company was one of the leading manufacturers of the home electric appliances: scales, metering devices working time machines, perforating machines, etc. With the decision of the further development the company was reorganized in 1914 in order to produce the perspective tabulating machines. When the company entered the Canadian market, it was renamed into IBM.The widespread nickname of the corporation is ‘Big Blue’, which came from the product of the corporation – mainframe computer which was extremely big (occupied the whole room) was painted in blue.

The middle of the 20th century is known to be the beginning of the era of computers and IBM joined this sector of the market successfully in 1943.IBM is known to be the pioneer in the computer technologies and it was a bright example for the young companies of that time: Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Compaq, Dell, etc. IBM was the place where numerous hardware and software innovations were introduced and invented. The corporation is famous for its production of the quality hardware, personal computers, laptops, servers, etc and it also joined the market of consulting not more than 20 years ago and succeeded in this business greatly, because more than the half of the corporation’s income is brought by the market of consulting.IBM is a sound name of a world famous corporation which founded the market of the computer and information technologies and is surely worth attention. The student who is asked to prepare a case study on IBM is supposed to learn about the history of the development of the corporation, its production, success and failure in order to be able to solve the definite case. One is supposed to pay attention to the case site, the condition of IBM corporation, the production and type of the problem in order to find out about the cause of the problem and its effect.

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Only after the analysis of these essential facts the student will be able to solve the problem on IBM professionally.The main difficulty which can occur for students is the disability to find the right research approach towards the problem. Fortunately, the Internet can provide the student with IBM turnaround case study example which would show to the student the appropriate way of the analysis of the case. In addition, a good IMB culture case study sample is a good helper for everyone who requires advice with the right formatting and creation of the logical structure of the paper.