Jacks company Case Study

Nolan works with Jacks company .

Lets a small company with 12 employees . She is responsible for her work and also always top of all work and in any situation she needs to handles with customs or employees she is top of all work. Her duties are answering phone,entering orders into the system to tracking inventory and updating client files,back up for other colleagues, Handles sales staff commissions and employee benefits, makes decision of purchasing decisions for the office, Shopping office needs and comparing for shaving,handling all work and personal

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Issues of Jack’s, She was like “the go to person” for her boss. So this all situation keeps always Eileen top tot all employees and seen was like given preferential treatment that’s what some employees thought and also some staff resent Linen’s connection to Jack. But actually Jack was interested that all employees should be like Eileen.

Eileen Nor hard but also complains some time of working late night fixing filing error and tired and boss use to send her home and rest saying “She worked so hard last night, and she won’t be any good today. I told her to go home and sleep.

Be back tomorrow ND start fresh” . So , from Jack’s point of view Eileen is invaluable to team as she is always has necessary data to consider, is quick to point out benefits or potential hardships to clients and almost always presents a solution. He wish to more employees approach as Eileen does. Performance of the leader or employee affects other employees in positive or negative ways.

Favoritism for on employee and not for other can make other employees to motivate to work like good work make them think about the performance of the leader.

Good workers are always good and have good performance in front of the leaders. 3 Review/Analysis of the case Analysis of the findings So , different examples are given by different authors saying that the making employees feel special is advantageous and they work more efficiently. So , we can expect more good performance which is described as follows “A 2013 study by the University of British Columbians Sadder School of Business and published in the Urinal of Business Ethics found that there is an advantage to making certain employees feel a little more special than the others.

When treated better than others in the group, the study found, employees were more likely to experience heightened elf-esteem, follow workplace norms and perform tasks that benefit the entire group.

They were perceived as both more social and more productive. ” “As the supervisor of 10 real-estate agents in a large and very competitive New York firm, Jason was constantly trying to reward good work in a way that motivated his employees, without discouraging others. At the same time, he was a firm–and upfront–believer in favoritism. L was very clear with the crew,” he said. “l said, ‘Look, I value results, collaboration, kindness and perseverance. Those of you who display these qualities re most likely to receive preferential treatment from me.

Your work life will probably be better. ” Those on his list of “favorites” changed all the time, and the staff knew that; there were always opportunities to get on the boss’s good side. ” “By being careful, selective and clear about his methods, Jason had hit on an important aspect of using favoritism to advantage: transparency.

That is, making it obvious to everyone in the office 4 how they can qualify to become a favorite, too. He showed how favoritism can work Nee it is done for the right reasons–related exclusively.

Linen’s performance affect sack’s leader behaviors The way she is performing is the like she is handling whole business in absence of boss. So this situation is like what boss always look in all employees. So, they don’t have to worry about the business. The business deployment and the leader behavior are like parallel. F the business is not going well in absence of the leader than the Interaction tot the leader is like needful tot more expectation.

But as the Linen’s performance was so well that he really appreciate her work and was also giving her chance to rest when she complains that like more how worker is taking over the business. So always interaction of the leader is more like friendly and expecting from the employee. That’s what is implemented from chapter that the leader behavior has to adapt according to need of environment and followers. So, his behavior as a leader IS changing according to environment and her behavior .

Linen’s performance affect his leader behaviors Relating to the coworkers his performance would be like he is partial to Eileen as he is for listening the decisions of the Linen’s.

Elf she is trued she us getting rest on Nor time. So , its kind of the environment and behavior of the employee really meters he performance of the person as a leader or as a employee. As a employee they has to work in team with all works and as a leader he has treat all same instead of considering one person like more top of all other employees. Well as a leader Jack’s expectation are that his business should be in good position when he is not in office.

But if that is fulfilled by one employee than he would more appreciating her Nor. But all 5 together his performance would not be good in front of other employees as his personnel decisions are all also take care by employees.

Summary/Conclusion The performance of leader or employee depends upon the situation . So , its kind of the environment and behavior of the employee really meters the performance of the person as a leader or as a employee. 6 References kick : Management of Organizational Behavior Article :Security and Ethical Challenges Drexel, P. (2013, June 07).

A “Black Box” system will be installed on every PC in the company and will not only affect the way data moves but also who NAS access to sensitive tiles.

Nearly everyone at Lists Systems will be doing things ‘ere differently once the Black Boxes are in place. Came Macho has worked with Lists Systems for eight years. She is involved in a variety of projects related to “traffic” – the receipt and delivery of clients’ Jobs. Her work also involves the training and support of the technical staff at Lists Systems. Came has expressed interest in spearheading the implementation of the new “Black Box” data security system.

Cause she has effectively managed traffic flow at Lists for years, she is excited about the opportunity to move into this critical and visible new position. Her responsibilities would be similar to those that she has had in the past, but the implementation of this new system will dramatically affect nearly every aspect of List’s service. The technology is different from what she has used in the past, and the project’s scope is much larger. Came has an excellent track record of implementing new hardware and software. She is looking forward to leading this project and the new business opportunities it will help create.

However, with this radical change in traffic flow, Came will have to deal with challenges arising from ‘people issues.

” Many technical staff members think that this change is unnecessary. Staff artists worry that it will hinder the creative process. Came feels confident that she knows how to handle the scheduling and transition aspects of the new security yester, but is worried about dealing with employees resisting the change. She is also concerned about losing key creative staff to other agencies where they won’t have to put up with all this “Black Box 9 technology. As we look at effective influence, we find that people have different needs depending on the “task at hand” – leadership should be task-specific. Additionally, effective leadership depends on a number of other influence variables ranging anywhere from identifying desired outcomes to considering the needs of the follower.

So Effectiveness is depending on the organization and manger goals and objectives as the effectiveness is depending on the causal variables,lengthening ‘rabbles,potential output variables. Deader should be task specified. As Effectiveness of any organization depends on the goals of employee?locals of organization and goals of manager. Elf the both employee and manager goals are same as of organizations or different, see their own goals as being satisfied as a direct rustle if working for the goals of the organization. As, close we can get the individuals goals and objectives to the organization’s goals and objectives, the greater will be the organizational performance. Review/Analysis of the case

Different examples are given by different authors saying that Organization changes can affect lot of situation which has to be handle for the effectiveness which are basically depending on the different variables and the task.

“Organization change is a kind of chaos (Gaelic, 1987). The number of variables changing at the same time, the magnitude of environmental change,and the frequent resistance of human systems create a whole confluence of processes that are extremely difficult to predict and almost impossible to control.

Nevertheless, there are consistent patterns that exist–linkages among classes of events that have been monsters De repeatedly in the research literature and can be seen in actual 10 organizations. ” “The strengths of he AS model are (a) its description of organizational variables that convey obvious importance–strategy, structure, systems, style, staff, skills, and shared ‘ales (as will be seen, we have incorporated these dimensions in one form or another in our model)–and (b) its recognition of the importance of the interrelationships among all of these seven variables, or dimensions.

The AS model, on the other hand, does not contain any external environment or performance ‘rabbles.

The model is a description of these seven important elements and shows that they interact to create organizational patterns, but there is no explication of how these seven dimensions are affected by the external environment. Nor do we know how each dimension affects the other or what specific performance indices may be involved. ” Causal Variables Causal variable here are the leadership strategies,skills and behavior; management decisions.

As, Came is more into same field and also confident for her skills that she can do it to keep the companies expectation. She can also manage her behavior with the follower and also she can accept the management decision to look forward and complete all the tasks given by boss.

Intervening variables So as we know the leadership strategies,skills and behavior of Came will lead to some intervening variables which are the internal state of the organization , which are the Cam’s concerns.

Which can affect the organization as Came knows that the intervening variables are going to reflect the commitment of objectives,motivation, and moral of members and their skills in leadership,communications ,conflict resolution,decision making , and problem solving. Potential output variables Output variables in this situation are dependent variable that reflect the achievements of the organization. Achievements related to this company is possible only if the Cam’s skills really help the employees to make understand how to handle the scheduling and transition aspects of the new security system.

And as she is put up with all this “Black Box technology. ” “The task at hand” So ” the task at hand” is to trained all employees with new ” Black Box ” system Inch is for security considering all employees learning and also the difficulties they experiencing should be keep in mind and help them to understand and focus on .

As task is not Just to implement new security system but also maintain same staff Ninth cooperation as the effectiveness is determined by the whatever manager and organization decide are their goals and objectives.

Effectiveness of any organization depends on the goals of employee,goals of organization and goals of manager. Elf the both employee and manager goals are same as of organizations or different, see their own goals as being satisfied as a direct rustle if working for the goals of the organization. As, close we can get the individuals goals and objectives to the organization’s goals and objectives, the greater will be the organizational performance.