Principal Manuel Case Study

I would create a vision where teachers challenged students to be their best on a daily basis. I believe in creating opportunities for students with the greatest struggles to be given the same opportunities both academically and socially as their more privileged peers. Teachers should be facilitators of learning opportunities for students and students should gain the meaningful experience for growth and progress. Unfortunately at Johnson School, there were different factors that negatively affected the success of culturally diverse students.

The school’s atmosphere and overall attitudes toward diversity, lack of involvement from the community, and lack off multicultural curriculum. In order to create a multicultural ‘Sino that focuses upon addressing the different aptitude levels, schools must foster culturally sensitive environment that caters to the cultural and academic differences.

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This can be done through designing lessons that motivate all students to learn, and implementing those lessons using differentiated instructional strategies to maximize student learning.

Research has found that students who feel they have supportive, caring teachers are more motivated to engage in academic work than students with unsupported, uncaring teachers. How would you describe the current culture at Johnson School in terms of multiculturalism and what kind of culture would you promote? The current culture at Ions School in terms of multiculturalism is very poor. There is a lack of community involvement and lack of promoting a culturally sensitive environment from the staff.

Unfortunately, Principal Manuel did a poor Job in promoting a multicultural environment. His comments toward African Americans did more harm than anything in trying to ease the situation.

Although he did admit he had little knowledge about the African American culture. Due to the environment Principal Manuel help create, teachers worked in isolation rather than collaboratively. Teachers were against common planning, although the Principal put that in place to address the multicultural issues.

It’s important to create a multicultural sensitive classroom that provides every student with opportunities to achieve his or her potential. It has to allow students to understand and appreciate their own culture Nile recognizing the similarities and differences of other cultures and perspectives n the classroom environment. Personally I would promote a culture that influences he attitudes of students, academic achievement, and social interactions with peers and adults.

I believe this is important because it sets the tone for how students and staff feel about their school. I would promote a culture that placed a high value on multiculturalism not only through academics (lessons) but also good human ethics that center upon values and beliefs. I would create a culture that promoted community involvement and most importantly a culture that placed an emphasis on providing a safe and caring environment in which all students feel welcomed and ‘allude and have a sense of ownership at their school.

Establishing this culture Mould include and welcome every student and family. Nat kind of curriculum would you recommend to meet the diverse needs at Johnson School? I would promote an effective instructional curriculum that revolved around core teaching. In order to meet the diverse learning needs at Johnson School, I believe teachers should utilize a basic set of instructional strategies along with be afforded the luxury of implementing their own styles and being able to respond to the individual needs of the students.

The curriculum would promote high quality as Nell as promoting equity in education. I believe all students are entitled too rigorous and engaging learning curriculum that addresses their individual learning needs. Nothing the curriculum, I would address areas that centered upon physical, social, and academic experiences. The framework for creating a flexible but rigorous curriculum to meet the diverse needs at Johnson School would include instructional goals, methods, assessments, and materials.

I understand that planning a curriculum that supports all diverse learners is a challenge especially with the diversity of high school classrooms and the mandate that all learners must obtain APP within the curriculum.

Nevertheless, I would recommend a curriculum that focuses on core teaching and can adapt to students and their needs rather than requiring learners to adapt to an inflexible curriculum. How would you manage the school resources at Ions School so as to support the ongoing professional development needs of the staff?

I would manage the school resources at Johnson School to support the professional development needs of the staff by providing cross-cultural opportunities o build experiences. I think reading multicultural educational literature that promotes ethnicity, multicultural views on religion, gender, and ability would aid in the process of providing professional development opportunities. Also, having friends from different racial groups or seeing a variety of movies that build on experiences that will enable teachers to acquire the ability to reach across cultures.

School resources should be readily available to assist teachers with establishing these experiences.

Professional development opportunities can also come in the arm of workshops that promote a multicultural environment and give teachers the necessary skills they need to provide learning opportunities for a diverse learning classroom. A good example of a Professional Development session could be a book review, from a literature book that is multicultural and has different perspectives. For example, reading about Christopher Columbus and considering the point of view from the American Indian perspective.

They did not think Columbus discovered America considering there were probably half a million Indians living in North America when he arrived. It’s important to discuss the perspective from the American Indian standpoint as it gives teachers a perspective of how students look at different concepts and lessons.

The whole point being, it’s important to vary the perspective as different concepts and issues are taught and taken into consideration En it comes to multicultural education. These are the kind of experiences and resources that will enable teachers to acquire the ability to reach across cultures.

How would you describe the current community relations at Johnson School and what kind of community relations would you promote? I would describe the community relations at Johnson School as very toxic. Unfortunately, the Black History program provoked a long-term, community-wide racial dispute between whites and blacks. Although, the school board elected to cancel the school-wide assembly it created a racial divide in the school and also the community. Principal Manuel was never able to ease the tension in the community or address the needs of the growing African American community.

I think every school needs community support. Schools with greater support thrive more compared to those who do not receive support. School support can come from a variety of places. Good school leaders find ways to get the entire community to support the school. Personally the strategies that I would use to build school and community relations would be: writing a weekly newspaper column in the local newspaper that highlights the schools successes, individual teacher’s efforts and recognized student accomplishments.

I would have a monthly open house to allow parents to come to the school and visit the classrooms and visit with teachers, ask parents to volunteer at extracurricular activities, maybe have a parent/ ironical lunch ( principal has lunch once a month with 10 sets of parents to express concerns and more importantly gain familiarity with the principal) and maybe have a greeter program (this will make visitors feel more welcomed in visiting your school and also make the school a more friendly and welcoming atmosphere).

These are lust a few random ideas that I would use to build community relations at Johnson School. As an ethical and moral leader, explain why you would be dissatisfied with the status quo at Johnson School? First and foremost, I would be very dissatisfied with he way Principal Manuel handled the situation. I believe he failed the staff, students, and community.

He had a responsibility, obligation, and commitment toward all parties and failed to meet the expectations. From a moral standpoint, he Nas obligated to do what was right for all the students, especially the students who Nerve marginalia.

He failed to provide the teaching staff with the proper resources needed to address a diverse learning environment. He also failed to address the concerns and issues of the community in regards to race and diversity.

Although, he attempted to address the concerns about race and diversity along with addressing curriculum issues he stirred the pot with his insensitive comments and lack of knowledge of the culture that existed in his school. I think that collaborative communication was also poor among staff. Principal Manuel was hired to be a leader in a diverse and changing environment.

He failed to meet his responsibilities in promoting a multicultural environment that created learning opportunities for all learners and he failed in building positive community relations.