Blackberry Case study

BlackBerry controversy prominent in Asia, particularly in the Middle East, and not anywhere else in the world? The blackberry controversy is prominent in Asia, particularly in the Middle East, and not anywhere else in the world because of the instability of the region, government corruption, and restricted freedoms. The governments in the Middle East are under threat and need all of the information on potential terrorist plots so they can get to protect their sovereignty.

In order to protect the people, or to maintain a dictatorial grip on the power they wield, they oppressed freedoms for the populace. Also because of the different laws and attitudes towards privacy and human rights along with the differing degrees in the capabilities of governments to crack encryption; finally because of the domestic and regional political instability along with the occurrence of certain incidents that highlighted the security threats posed and the RIM’s secrecy. 2. Analyze the measures RIM can take to address security concerns while taking care of its business interests effectively.

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I believe that blackberry needs to take a longer ‘IEEE that will eventually help the developing nations in the Middle East and Asia increase the freedom their citizens have.

Until than they should strongly cater to those entities that will benefit the most from high security, Corporations and Governments. At this time, the blackberry Phones are not very popular anywhere in the world and their market share of mobile devices is decreased to the point that they hold less than 1% of the market in the United States. However, our top government officials still use BlackBerry phones because of the strong encryption eyes. Based on my personal experience at work). Strategically Blackberry need to use the NSA debacle as a selling point along with other personal information leaks to push new BlackBerry products into the market. 3.

Discuss the strategic lessons arising from the BlackBerry episode for Macs operating in technology area. One of the lessons to learn is to make swiftly decisions and to stand for something rather than allow wild speculation to damage your reputation and sales. Managers should be sensitive to issues of social responsibility ND ethical behavior due to the pleasures of the public and government in specific areas.

If RIM had instead taken a moral ground early or chosen profitability over security, they would have done much better than are they are doing now. On top of it, they failed to capitalize on their early entry into the market to develop touch-screen devices with advanced capabilities.

Now they are forced to latch onto Apple and Droid’s latest products via purchasable applications. Their company may need to become more flexible because of the different markets they wish to become a part of in Asia and the Middle East.