Case Study: Research in Motion

Their focus on employees has made them one of Canada’s top 100 Employers in 2009. Name:Research in Motion Ltd. (RIM) Address:Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Offices:North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific Objective: “Stay in Motion,” Joke – SIMI ( ha, ha, Just like the Simms card that holds the permanent memory in the phone itself) Revenues:$11.

07 Billion for fiscal year ending February 28, 2009 Market Share:54% of the US; ; still gaining ground in Europe, Latin America ; Asia. Partnership: Mike Lizards ; Jim Bilabials.

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Coo’s:Mike Lizards- Founder – 1984 -Current Jim Bilabials- Expounder- Leads Business Strategy – 1992-Current Business: Blackberry and a host of Wireless Solutions for networking the “Worldwide Mobile Communications Market. ” Service:provides wireless internet and e-mail services. Provides:Security and reliability of its service and Blackberry App World Manufacture: The Blackberry Smartened.

Core Values:Teamwork and Egalitarianism. Competition:The Apple phone, Monika, Palm, Google and many others. Products:Laptops, desktops, other smart phones.

Customer Base: Business (the road warrior) and Consumers.

Largest Customer: Verizon ? Business Methodology: “Stay on the Move” Diversity: Ability Diversity; see’s as a strength and provides training to all employees who want to take it. Differences are Assets; see’s being different and pursuing your own career path can be a real strength. It is more than culture, gender, age, ability or personality; it encompasses religion, social status and sexual orientation. See a list of Benefits and Problems related to Diversity on page 53.

Laser-like single-mindedness: A singular buttons: war .

” Encouragement: “Taking the unconditional path is K. ” Considers being different is “K” and a “very good characteristic”. Those who take their own paths are “leaders and pioneers”. Allow individuals to stand out. Thinking into the future: Case Study: Research in Motion By beech Excellence, “Contribute to the community. ” Take care of critical consumer issues as soon as they occur.

Keep business relationships intact.

Brainstorm EXPAND Teamwork: Encourage, Develop, Empower and Take care of employees; Offer flexible work schedules Hire smart, innovative people Focus on collaboration and collegiality Support employee sports teams and company subsidized social events. Reduce corporate bureaucracy Listen Allow employee to take part in decisions Value the quality of life for their employees Background Lizards- as a teenager developed a reputation as someone who could fix things. In high school, he got fed up with a buzzer used to practice for a game show competition and made a new one that worked so well other high schools started ordering them from him.

This went towards his first year in college.

His first big break came while he was in college where he won a h million dollar contract to build a network computer control display system. He left college and started Research In Motion at age 24. He is credited with single-handedly developing the key concepts behind Blackberry and its wireless e-mail service. He is still known as a visionary and innovator, earning Canada’s most prestigious innovation prize – The Ernest C. Manning Principle Award and listed Time most 100 influential people.

Bilabials- one of Canada’s richest men, earned his MBA at Harvard University and is a fellow of the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants. He Joined RIM in 1992, when it was still primarily known as radio-based electronics. He provided the financial and marketing skills necessary to turn RIM into a global company. His big break came after receiving many rejections and finally selling the Blackberry to one Canadian airless company which is now Canada’s largest wireless carrier.

Together – When the Bilabials-Lizards team set forth in January 1999, the two had a vision but had no idea where it would take them in 10 years.

Their combination of imagination and teamwork know no limits. They have changed the world with the Blackberry, along with a wide range of dimensions. A 2007 survey estimated an average corporate Blackberry user converted sixty three minutes of downtime into productive time while the Blackberry returned $58,380 to the company for each employee making $100,000. 00 per year.