Plot graph of height Case Study

On the one hand she was excited about making new friends, management studies, and other activities and so n, while on the other she was worried about studies, placement, getting good friends, homesickness etc. Therefore, she wanted to know more about her course mates. Obviously it was difficult to contact all the students from her batch and know about them. So she decides to collect a randomly selected data from about 25-30 students. She was not sure about random collection of data.

So she learnt about random number generator and used student roll numbers to select the random sample.

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With the help of faculty she prepared questionnaire and collected data. From the data she prepared report for submission. It was quite nice and elaborate. However, when she compared it with friends, she found lot of variation. So she decided to take information from her two friends who had also collected the similar data.

Of course she has to take some precautions while using the data from the friends. A) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Collect the data. Draw Simple Bar Diagram to represent specialization wise strength of students. Draw Pie diagram to represent the number of students in each of the blood groups.

Prepare the gender-wise frequency table for the blood groups.

Plot graph of height Vs.. Weight of the students. Comment on the graph. Plot graph of family income Vs.

. Expenditure of the student. Comment on the graph. Calculate gender-wise mean and standard deviation of marks of 10th and 12th standard. Comment on the basis of the results. Prepare a two way table showing age-wise and gender-wise strength of students.

Represent this data with the help of multiple bar diagram taking age on X axis and gender-wise strength on Y axis. Also comment on the basis of this graph.

Prepare a two way table showing father’s education and mother’s education taking education categories as Below Graduate, Graduate and Post graduate. Comment on the basis of this table. Calculate mean and tankard deviation of marks obtained by the students in 10th and 12th standard according to having a Job experience or not. Comment on the values you obtained.

Vow are free to do additional analysis if you feel so. Note: Sample questionnaire is attached. However, please feel free to add few question based on your purpose. Developed by: – Proof. (GPO. Cap.

) D. P.

Apt MIT School of Business Student’s Profile Batch Roll No Specialization for PAGE Division Gender: M IF Age Name Years Height CM Educational Qualification I) I’) iii) ‘v) 10th percentage % 12th % Graduation Discipline : Engineering/Science/Commerce/Arts/ percentage Management/Other Work experience: Yes / No Blood group Night keg Family Background Father’s Education: Father’s Mother’s occupation: monthly expenditure Mother’s Education: Family income (in RSI. Per month): Student’s Subject: Statistics & Research Methodology (103) Case 2: Better to be roughly right than precisely wrong After Joining the institute, Mr..

BBC was pondering over whether he has made a right decision of Joining this institute.

Infrastructure was good, he could see that. Faculty was excellent; he could experience that in last three weeks. But what he was not sure about the academic proficiency of the students of his attach. He had observed that few of them were very good, participating in discussions, taking initiative for learning, helping others to learn different subjects. However, there were others who were hardly participating, shy and not sure about the learning process.

So Mr..

BBC decides to check past academic performance of the students from his batch. Since the graduation background of students was different and some of them had also not got their graduation results, he decided to take 10th and 12th standard percentage of marks as a basis for his study. A) Collect 10th and 12th standard percentage of marks from 30 students randomly.

) Based on data collected find mean, median, standard deviation for both the data sets (10th marks & 12th marks) using MS Excel. (Take help of faculty/friends). C) From the mean of your sample, estimate average percentage to n to your entire batch. Prepare two frequency distribution tables separately (10th & 12th SST) for the marks of 30 students taking classes as 40-45, 45-50,..

. E) Draw graphs by taking classes on X- axis and frequency on Y-axis. Comment on the basis of the graphs. F) Collect the sample means (sample of 30) from your 10 friends. Comment on the observations. G) Find the grand mean for entire batch from population data.

) Prepare two frequency distribution tables separately (10th & 12th SST) for the marks of entire batch. I) What have you learnt from your observations? Comment. J) Analyze as to where you stand according academic performance of the entire batch.