The Plot Against People Analysis

“The Plot against People” Analysis Russell Baker, the author who wrote “The Plot against People” identifies objects into classifications. His thesis sentence is strong and bold.

It says “Inanimate objects are classified into three major categories-those that don’t work, those that break down and those that get lost. ” The goal of all inanimate objects is to resist man and ultimately to defeat him, and the three major classifications are based on the method each object uses to achieve its purpose.His main points include that Baker says inanimate objects find it extremely difficult to break down. Some people believe this constitutes evidence that inanimate objects are not entirely hostile to man, and that a negotiated peace is possible. Scientists have been struck by the fact that things that break down virtually never get lost, while things that get lost hardly ever break down.

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Baker’s tone is gearing the audience toward light humor, adding maybe just a chuckle. My opinion is that this essay is particularly boring and not useful.His purpose of this excerpt is to inform readers that things you don’t expect to get lost, get lost and things you don’t expect to break, break. Personification is the relating personal nature or character to inanimate objects and it is used in this story. An example would be “it is not uncommon for a pair of pliers to climb all the way from the cellar to the attic in its single-minded determination to raise its owner’s blood pressure. Keys have been known to burrow three feet under mattresses.

Women’s purses, despite their great weight, frequently travel through six or seven rooms to find hiding space under a couch. ” Baker’s essay could be improved by adding some statistics to help persuade readers that this is true and elaborate more on the examples of the causes. This essay is effective as I think Baker is trying to tell readers that helping the society realize that inanimate objects are plotting against man, but it is man himself who fails, not inanimate things. His intention for the audience is effective as he tries to convince them that objects are out to get people.