SAP Case Study

Avoidance is the biggest telecoms company around the globe, who is serving the customers in Middle East, Asia, Europe and United States, with the company Joint dentures, partnership, undertaking and speculation. Avoidance was established in 1984 as a subordinate of Rascal electronics Pl and in 1991 after becoming an Independent company it was named as Avoidance group Pl. Today Avoidance employs more than 66,000 employees around the globe.

Establish criteria for Judging strategic performance by considering successes & strategies. Use a balanced scorecard framework to make sure that both financial and strategic controls are used to assess performance.

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Define the company’s core competencies. Avoidance as a brand has always focused on its core competent area. They have the highest market share after Birth, BASS, and Reliance. Avoidance has competitive advantage over other companies because of their value added service (VASS) which is the number of schemes they have.

Especially the add on plans. This plan is separate from the main plan.

It is a major source of revenue to the company. Secondly, because of their Technological Advantage, Avoidance has installed SAP genealogy. SAP is a way of delivering mobile capabilities such as mobile asset management, mobile sales for handheld, mobile service for handheld, mobile time, mobile travel, mobile 81, mobile warehouse management, and mobile direct store delivery.

These capabilities of SAP Mobile Business has established new ways to interact with enterprise systems hence empowering new user communities to participate in collaborative business processes, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, profitability, and competitive advantage. Determine if the company has a sustainable competitive advantage. If you determine that a sustainable advantage exists, support your claim.

If you find it lacking, recommend actions that would secure a sustainable competitive advantage I will say that Avoidance has sustainable advantage because as a brand, they keep on improving and coming up with new plans.

The company adjusts according to market need. Avoidance brings up innovative plans which give them a competitive advantage. Furthermore, the company can keep sustaining their competitive advantage by continuous focusing on Avoidance Vision which is, to be the world’s mobile communications leader in enriching customers’ lives, helping individuals, sinuses and communities to be more connected in a mobile world. Identify any external environmental forces that have future strategic implications for Avoidance.

One of the major external environmental forces that have future strategic implications for Avoidance is the threat of Powerful competition.

Since Avoidance is always dealing in a market which changes rapidly from the point of view of technology and very highly competitive, the flavor of marketing is changing very rapidly trot customer acquisition to customer maintenance Just because to highly penetrated markets. Avoidance operates round the world and deals in different types of markets and deal with different competitors and dealers.

Major competitors of the Avoidance group are Alter, France Telecoms, T-Mobile and so many others as well. The intense competition increases the mix rates and provokes the pricing strategy of the mobile groups which they charge for their mobile services. Determine if Avoidance’s business strategy includes an integrated and coordinated set of commitments and actions based upon the company’s core competencies. Will the business strategy fit the current external environmental conditions and guide behavior toward achieving performance goals?

One of the biggest advantages for sales which Avoidance has got is the state brand awareness in India which is very useful in the international growth of Avoidance.

Avoidance does its promotion through different ways such as: media, through Internet, through different sponsorships. In 2008 Avoidance cut off its staff in Germany because of poor returns over there. Based on the above model I can say that, the business strategy fit the current external environmental conditions and guide behavior toward achieving performance goals.

For example Avoidance has upgrade its g technology to g, their Wi-If information card technology and Avoidance live. The market development chart of Avoidance defines about the new markets and the open products in the existing market of India as an aimed market strategy to increase the profit of Avoidance and the global observation is that Avoidance is the largest telecoms company in the world and it is major engaged with the combination and acquisition.

Evaluate Avoidance’s acquisition strategy, taking into consideration its Integration efforts.

In today’s knowledge-based economy, merger and acquisitions are routinely conducted to gain access to the intangible assets of a business. However, brand are an intangible asset that require special acquisition practices for targeting, due diligence, valuation, portfolio, strategy, and the post merger management process. Firms with acquisition based growth strategy also need a process to determining how to brand the acquired company and how to manage the migration of the brand to the new company. The strategy here is to ensure that customers remain happy and loyal to the brand.

This is achieved through the strategic management of key customers touch points, which are all the contact where the brand and the customer interact during the purchase and usage cycle, whether wrought marketing communication or in person interaction. The goal here is to create consistently satisfactory customer experience across all touch point. Evaluate Avoidance’s international strategy and its use of alliances to achieve company objectives. With the help acquisition, stakes in companies, and other partner’s network, Avoidance has strategically expanded its presence to consider the whole Nor.

This company has equity interest in about 25 countries.

But after launching in India, the Avoidance has an acquisition of 52% with one the leading the telecoms operator Hutchison Cesar. As a part of this acquisition the Avoidance has obtained the stakes in Omega telecoms and Telecoms Investments. As there are more than 7. 5 million new subscribers are in India. India which is considers one of the fastest growing markets in the world. India where the penetration growth is still very low of 13% and Hutchinson Cesar who has got the license of 22 states out of 23 in India.

Reason Enid b Stake in Hutchinson Cesar was Just to take a hold and access to most of the parts of the country and to earn the revenue from the emerging Indian markets. Discuss the company’s organizational structure and if it effectively supports Avoidance’s strategy. Avoidance is the largest player in the European mobile telephony market through its newly acquired assets and organizational expertise. Avoidance has high gross margin and profit margin when compared to its competitors, making more money per customer than its competitors, with more customers than its competitors.