Case Study Dry. Francis

Whom would you recommend to Dry. Francis as the selection for your position? After careful consideration, I would recommend Marcia Rabin for the position of administrator for the department of surgery. It was a difficult decision, but I feel confident in my choice. There were several reasons I picked Marcia and to illustrate these reasons, I will explain and discuss why I disqualified the other three candidates. “hen interviewing David O’Brien, I felt like he had the energy and drive to get the Job done.

However, because of the intensity of his drive, he would “rub people the wrong Nay’.

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This position requires a leader more so than simply a manager who can crank out the necessary figures. It requires interpersonal communication skills that I didn’t feel that David possessed, at least not to the extent that this position requires. David is also currently enrolled in a Master’s program and I feel he will benefit from continuing these classes to become multi-versed in all aspects of being an administrator. He’s not ready right now, though. En interviewing Sal Serotonin, I liked his personality and his motivation want to Change things for the better.

However, I wasn’t impressed with his overenthusiastic and sloppy way of initiating change. For a position of this magnitude, especially replacing someone like me, who has built the necessary relationships and connections to gather details from others before making final decisions. Sal leaps before he looks and that can be a definite issue within our organization. I did enjoy his questions the most of any of the candidates, as I felt he was genuinely interested n our organization and its goals and environment. “hen interviewing Ronnie Goldsmith, I got the impression that she was a hard

Knower but that she does the minimum that is necessary in order to get home to her family. There is nothing wrong with being a young worker who enjoys separating Nor and life.

I think that’s a great asset and it is important to not become too overwhelmed or sucked into one’s work. However, I didn’t appreciate her interview answer that she feels she is viewed as someone who doesn’t “sufficiently express :my) opinions”. Managers do not have to force his or her opinions on their employees – but they do have to state them and be firm in their convictions.

Finally, I was very impressed with Marcia Rabin. She seems to have the intelligence, commitment and drive to bring a positive change to this position. I also appreciated her candor in asking how other physicians would respond to having a female administrator.

Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to shy away from it, we still live in world where it is not always favorably viewed to have a female healthcare administrator. I feel, however, that Ms. Rabin possesses the overall qualities necessary to perform the s TA KS to this position to the tulles.