Case Study GIG 2 structure

Each of these 12 men will also take care of 12 men, and do the same. On the other hand, the head pastor (the Bishop’s wife) also takes care of 12 women, and each of these women takes care of 12 others, and to the down line. Male youth Joins the down line of the Men’s Net and female youth Joins the down line of the Women’s Net.

All new church members will be assigned as down line of the members to complete their twelve. Figure 1. 1 shows the logical structure of GIG 2. 144 level Figure 1. The EGG Structure Before one can become an official member of the church, he needs to complete 5 lessons, one every Sunday, called the New Believers’ Training Course (NBC). This is conducted to give the person ample time to decide whether to become a member of the church or not.

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After the NBC, he needs to attend the Encounter God Weekend EGG), and an online account to the 612 Tracking system will be created by the administrator for him. The member, then, can update his profile. He will be assigned to a cell group according to his gender and age, headed by a cell group leader.

When one becomes a member of the church, he needs to complete the seminars on Holy Spirit and Water Baptism, Post-EGG, and School of Leaders (SOL) levels 1,2 and 3. These are trainings pertaining to winning, discipline, consolidating, and sending people to increase their faith in God and become leaders too. The Holy Spirit and Water Baptism seminar is conducted for one day, the EGG and Re- Encounter seminars are each conducted for three days, while the Post-EGG, SOL levels 1, 2, and 3 are each conducted for 10 weeks.

Participants who completed each of these seminars will be acknowledged in the family where they belong as they will be given certificate of completion. The administrator updates the system with the available seminars and the potential participants to these seminars. On each of the services, members will login manually by checking their attendance on the attendance sheet located at the entrance of the church dome, the area where the services are held. These attendances will be encoded by the administrator to the system the next day.

Every week, a cell group leader will logon to Nils account Ana snack ten attendance AT his members who attended the cell meeting pertaining to that week. A cell group meeting may be conducted any day of the week from Monday to Sunday.

Every cell group leader can view his members’ profile and his GIG 2 structure. The pastor of each family updates the system with the training schedule and assigns the teachers. These updates can be accessed by the teacher. Every week, he teacher checks online the attendance of his class.

At the end of each training, the teacher updates the system with the list of participants who completed the training successfully, and these can be viewed by the pastor.

All the reports generated by the system can be accessed by the administrator. In the GIG 2 structure, the pastors need to be updated on who among the church members have completed their 12 cell group members; who are inactive and need to be followed-up; the total number of attendees every Thursday and Sunday services; and update on changes of data on members’ records.