McKinney & Co Case Study

When Jay Rogers was in his 5th year in the Marines he came across the huge losses faced by the U. S. Car industry and decided to contribute. His aground in entrepreneurship, a work experience in finance, the love for cars in his heart and the thought “be humble, but think big” gave him high spirits.

In 2005 Rogers entered the Harvard Business School, and got a work experience from McKinney & Co. ‘s automotive practice. He had a experienced classmate who was his partner when visiting the auto companies and interviewing the executives.

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Some of the companies where Ford, niche players, Factory Five from where he collected all the basic data’s to start a company. Mark Smith, the founder of Factory Five invested in Rogers Company tort the sat up The other who and invested where New York investors. He himself invested some amount and started the company Local Motors Ninth a total of $9 million. Rogers used the automotive community to robust set of car designers who could design the cars for Local Motors. Rogers hired a part time software engineer to design and maintain the online community.

And the online community was further developed in design work by Ariel Ferreira fiance© of the software engineer.

Local Motors created a ‘Charter Member’ program for the 1st 20 designers which attracted more designers. Twelve months later the company had 1400 designers and many to the car design community. By April 2008, first auto sign competition was announced which was on Southern California market off road decide. The winner Fillip Testifiers designed a concept called ‘Painters’ and won $2000 as prize. After that the competition list went on based on many concepts.

The next was on Miami Motors, Air based Motors challenge won by Sandhog Kim of south Korea. Next was on Adventure Team Motors. All the winners where selected by the ‘Tote given by the Elm’s design community. These attracted many designers like Aural François to work for the company. In 2008, ELM came up with the 1st car named as Rally Fighter’ which was based on bimodal intelligence I. Design on which is build and marketed.

In 2009, ELM came up with the earliest micro factories which was on community oriented marketing strategy. The prototype of the Rally Fighter was ‘Burgers, Cars, and Welding”.

The Rally Fighter was assembled in 14-day build process after the chassis and outer body got delivered from the outside fabricator. ELM incriminatory produced around 2000 vehicles per year, costing $50,000. ELM provided ‘Night owl service plan’ if the customer lived at ours drive way distance.

Rhea customer can service there car at any other service center. ISSUES lay Rogers wanted to start a new automobile company in the market. Being new to the market it faced many obstacles for the lunch in the market. The main causes are It was difficult to start a company without any big financial base.

With a small amount ELM hardly to advertise or go for crash test. * As ELM was totally new there Nasty many designers to design the models that was to be build and marketed by the company.

* Although many designers where paid to design for the company they feared to take risk in there carrier path. * ELM required to choose the right model to lunch its 1st car so that it would be beneficial in building and in marketing of the company. Although ELM did its best for the customers it was still hard to satisfy some customers.