Case Study on Object Oriented Design

Object Oriented Design Case Study:

Object oriented design is the integral part of the system of interacting objects which is aimed at the solution of various software tasks. Object oriented design is one the branches of the software design and it is characterized with the fact that the program is understood as the number of objects which cooperate and coexist with one another.

Every object which is connected with other objects forms a complicated system.The objects contain data which is divided into the independent blocks coexisting with other blocks of data of other objects. This cooperation of the encapsulated information is supposed to solve numerous problems connected with software design. With the help of the object oriented design it is possible to create quality graphic models (static and dynamic ones) which can be used for different purposes. With the help of the object oriented design experts create prototypes of various inventions applied in engineering.

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The design pays attention to the physical qualities of the objects and makes them close to the real ones. The object oriented design enables programmers create the models of the common class and alter these models within this class forming subclasses which have similarities with the major one but have many unique qualities. Briefly, it becomes easier to create various models on the basis of the single standard one.Object oriented design is an important topic which can be observed by students in a case study. It is a plus to dwell on the problem in detail and improve one’s knowledge in the object oriented design which is quite useful for programmers and software designers. Every student who wants to connect his career with software design should know about the peculiarities of object oriented design and its strong and weak sides and the area of its usage.

In order to prepare a successful case study one should concentrate on the definite problems of the object oriented design. The student is expected to collect information about the case, learn the problem of the case on object oriented design and learn about the cause and effect of the problem.One should operate facts professionally and evaluate the problem objectively in order to find the adequate solutions which can demonstrate the student’s knowledge and critical thinking skills.A case study is the assignment which requires complex approach towards the research of the problem and the solution can be found in a free example case study on object oriented design techniques in RTOS placed in the Internet. The student is able to learn about the process of writing and its peculiarities a lot on the basis of a free sample case study on object oriented design composed by an expert online.