Case Study Object Relation Theory

Instructions for paper: You are to write a 5 – 7 in depth paper. This is a paper, not a report. You will take an in depth psychological look at a person. It is easiest for you to choose someone you know to write about. Structure your paper as follows: Your introduction comes first.

Keep in mind you are writing the paper for me and me alone. In your introduction you will tell me who you are writing about, how old they are and what their main issue is. “In this paper I will write about my twenty three year old friend Jenny.

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I will talk about how the death of Jenny’s mom when she was fourteen impacted her. I will show how Jenny went through Kubler-Ross’ stages of death and dying.

” Make sure to give the person a name. Do not use last names and do not refer to someone as “my cousin. ” The body of the paper comes next. This will be the main part of your paper. Talk about why you chose this person. Give me some background, without telling too much of a story.

Explain when significant things happened in the person’s life. Your paper will have a main character. Talk about others as they relate to the main character.Click on the form at we can write case study for you right now!

After giving some background, focus on the main issue. Talk about how the main issued affected how they felt about themself, mom, dad, and others in relationships. Next include some psychological theory to back up what you are saying.

In the conclusion, I want your opinion and your prognosis for the person. This conclusion should be based on what you have said in the paper. Do not try to make someone up. If you do not know anyone to write about, you can write on a person in a book. Make sure your paper is five FULL pages, typed and double spaced.

It is best to write a line or two on page six. I do not want any papers over seven pages long, or it will count against your grade. Use 12 fonts. Make sure you use spell check. Your paper should be broken up into paragraphs.

You do not need a bibliography, but if you quote sources, say where you got them from. If you use sources from the internet, which is not necessary at all, turn in all the pages you used as source material. If you want, you can e-mail me parts of a rough draft. Papers must be turned in on time, note mailed to me. All papers are confidential.