Case Study on Personality Theory

Personality Theory Case Study:

Personality theory is one of the approaches towards the understanding of the personality, its traits, behaviour, social features, physiological and psychological peculiarities, etc. A personality is a complex term which describes the person who has achieved the definite level of the psychological maturity, life experience, wisdom, has got her place in the human society, etc. The explanation of the term of personality is quite difficult because of the great number of the approaches towards the problem. There are many personality theories which observe the issue from various points of view: psychology, sociology, political sciences, economics, etc.

There are also various theories which illustrate the approach towards the origin of personality and the influence of the society and genes on the type of the human character and behaviour. For more than four centuries philosophers have been discussing this problem and there are two dominant opinions about it: the personality is formed by the social environment and the personality is formed only due to its genes and the society does not play any role in this process.Nowadays, there is the opinion that the personality is formed under the effect of the both factors.From the point of view of psychology the personality has the certain definite traits and kinds of behaviour, which meet the requirements and norms. From the point of view of economics a personality is the individual who has reached a certain position in the society and earned the social status supported with money.

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From the point of view of physiology personality is the grownup person, as children and teenagers can not be called personalities yet, as their organisms are still developing.A personality theory is a complicated topic which can be researched by the student with the help of the original approach and methods. The issue is quite broad and one can limit the scope of research seriously and dwell on the narrow issue in the boarders of the single case. The case on personality theory should investigate the problem from all sides and explain the theory professionally. The student is supposed to analyze the personality theory from different points of view, focus on the structure, functions, factions, elements, string and weak sides of the theory and provide the direct arguments supporting his opinion.

The cause and effect of the problem on personality theory and its solution are expected to be prepared well for the student’s advantage.The process of case study writing can become easier and more effective with the appropriate assistance of the Internet where one can read a free example case study on personality theory.The student requires additional piece of advice and quality information about the manner and tone of writing. These instructions can be found only with the help of a free sample case study on personality theory prepared online.