Case Study on Unique Personality

Unique Personality Case Study:

A unique personality is the originality of the character, worldview and appearance of the human being. From the first sight people look the same, because everyone belongs to the same human nature, thoughts, emotions and behaviour. But the peculiarities of all these qualities are completely original, because everyone is unique and there are no two completely similar people.

Everyone has his own appearance, the colour of hair, skin, eyes, type of figure and physical condition of the body.All these outer features make the human being at look unique, because even the identical twins are same only from the first sight, as everyone possesses some inborn signs on the skin, scars and other things which make the human being unique. The psychological and emotional side of the human is even more varied, because the inner world, feelings, emotions and worldview of the separate people are completely original.It is impossible to predict the human behaviour or reaction on the events which occur in the surrounding world. The intellectual abilities can be also called the personal quality, because some people are not quite good at studying and their progress in some disciplines is poor but in some manual work or sports they are undefeated.

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Some people are good at sciences and they influence the development of the human knowledge and they are called geniuses. On the other hand it is quite difficult to find their own personal identity, because of the influence of various trends in fashion, art, philosophic views, etc. People are becoming more and more similar in their worldview as the mind is influenced by the growing effect of globalization and its negative results.Unique personality is the case study about the definite personality who can be interesting for the profound investigation. The student is able to choose an outstanding or just a common person who has done something interesting and special. The young person should collect information about the personality, define the peculiarities of the human originality, evaluate her deeds, etc.

The more facts one collects – the more accurate the analysis of the issue will be. The student has to define the problem of the research paying attention to the cause and effect of the matter on unique personality and the adequate and original solution to the case.When the student is suggested to prepare a well-structured case study about the definite personality, he should look through a free example case study about unique personality that made news in the last five years and see how to observe the topic correctly and how to organize the text of the paper well. It is natural that a free sample case study on unique personality in organizational behaviour will be enough useful for the improvement of the student’s writing skills and the quality of the style of his writing.