Case Study on Game Theory

Game Theory Case Study:

Game theory is a complex discipline which studies the ways of the perfect decision making. Game theory is closely connected with mathematics, sociology, economics, biology, psychology, physics, management, etc., so it is obvious that it touches upon all the spheres of our life. The study helps people make correct decisions based on logic and calculations.

Every businessman who manages his business should be good at game theory principles to be able to control his company well.Every decision should be thought over and one should predict the result of his slightest action. For example, if one wants to invest much money into a small firm and develop it with the purpose of gaining high profit, he should weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of this decision in order not to lose everything.The main components of game theory are time, place, players and their strategies. In business the role of the players play the rival companies who struggle for the favorable place on the market. A smart boss is supposed to weigh the chances of the other company achieve success and change his strategy in such a way to make it better and more logical than of the rival’s.

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Game theory has similar rules in every discipline and every aspect of human existence. For example, it is very popular in the research of biologists and sociologists, who predict evolutional processes and opinion, actions of the general public and certain groups of people.Game theory tries to supply people with the logical and reasonable explanation of the events and processes which occur around. With its help one can improve his life, business and social status, everything which can be planned and predicted with the help of sober mind. Many people do not treat game theory seriously, but its effect and value can not be overestimated.

Young people who need to cope with the case study have to devote much time to understand the aspects and key points of the problem under research. One should be able to explain the structure, purpose, components and methods of game theory which enable people calculate quite reasonable and logical predictions. A student who is writing the case study will need to realize the reasons of the problem based on game theory and its consequences to provide the teacher with the complete analysis of the topic.Many students do not possess enough experience to cope with their case studies successfully from the very beginning. Every student will need to read a free sample case study on game theory in the Internet to get acquainted with the structure and the style of writing of the paper.

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