Case Study on Classical Management Theory

Classical Management Theory Case Study:

Classical Management Theory was invented in the middle of the 19th century but was applied into practice only in the 20th. This management theory was very popular in the previous century and it many aspects are used in other management theories nowadays.Classic Management Theory is characterised with the strict structure and organization of business and the sphere of management. The major criterion of the theory is the strict hierarchy of the managing staff.

For example, the managing staff always consists of the several levels of managers who are interconnected with one another. The managers of the lower level always obey and follow the instructions of the managers of the higher level. The highest level of managers is called the board of directors or the executives of the company. This hierarchical model of management is quite useful because it enables the process of training and development of the novice managers by the senior ones.The next point is the division of labour.

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Managers divide their tasks into the small logical parts and fulfill them gradually solving the major problem step by step. It is obvious that the quality of management depends directly on the type of motivation. Nowadays the most adequate and useful motivation is money or the personal benefit of the manager. Finally, the last important component of Classical Management theory is the autocratic leadership. Every famous and prosperous company is associated with the name of its leader.

If the leader is wise and professional, he would be able to manage his business well and organize the work of the company according to the right norms.Classical Management Theory is a basic theory of management which was the beginning of the logical and systematic management. Students are able to investigate the direct cases related with the theory preparing Classical Management Theory case study. One should explain the meaning of the theory, define its core laws and peculiarities, learn about the structure and hierarchy of the theory and dwell on its advantages and disadvantages. It is reasonable to compare several management theories to the classical one and understand its effectiveness and relevance in the modern conditions.

One must learn about the cause of the suggested problem on Classical Management Theory and analyse its effect and brainstorm the best solutions.It is not easy to complete a successful case study possessing poor writing skills and writing experience. The student has the chance to improve his knowledge with the help of the free example case study on Classical Management Theory prepared online. One can improve his knowledge and catch the most appropriate manner of writing and analysis of the problem just reading a free sample case study on classical Management Theory in the Internet.