Angels Panamanian Case Study

Because of this she opened another branch Quarks mall also in Magmata, during the year 1984 that is imposed of a cashier, two regular and two student trainees because of it’s small size area. In Angels Panamanian another branch of Confetti Shoes was opened in the year 1983. Mrs.. Edna Perez a friend of Mrs. Belle who is skilled in Accountancy was called by Mrs.

. Belle to get some more opinions about the system of controlling the inventory,unrecorded sales and also about the new outlets in Pangaea and DEEDS . Mrs.. Edna Perez promised Mrs..

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Belle that she will conduct a survey about the current shoes and dates for the control.

After the visits, interviews and ways of operations. Mrs.. Edna Perez figured out the following sales book and it’s format, the posting of stocks cards that do not matched from the Greenbelt store to the other outlets.

Lastly the daily cash deposits that do not tally with the sales book. It is because according to the cashier also the stationmaster it is about the discounts from 10% to 20% that is given to customer Inch are to friends of Mrs.. Belle and the busy of the employees. Consequently another meeting between Mrs.

. Edna Perez and Mrs..

Identify who is accountable for that mistake. Mrs.

. Belle need to maintain adequate records in order for that every cash receipt is properly deposited. It must also must apply some technological control like for example whenever Inventory is out it is recorded automatically an d it also reduces some time in recording sales manually, she also must evaluate it’s purchase of inventory properly time to time, by computing it’s economic order quantity, reorder point and by having It’s merchandise claim counter system. To identify the number of order is needed for the outlets.