Lost Angels’ Knots Case study

The magic is here Situation In 1990, Lost Angels’ Knots Berry Farm wanted to set up a local outfit in the Philippines with a local partner. The two friends teamed up with the foreign entertainment firm.

Much sweat and resources were invested in the conceptualization and the creation of the theme park.

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To differentiate Enchanted Kingdom from the usual offerings of other local carnival operators such as Star City in Manila, and Fiesta Carnival in Cuba, visitors of the park could enjoy a whole range of magical moments in its seven fantastic theme zones The property owner agreed to invest in the proposed theme park, thus, began the long, arduous process of setting up the park itself. Groundbreaking took place in 1991 and Enchanted Kingdom was finally launched in mid-1995.

Initially the park was open year-round fro Mondays to Sundays except Amanda Thursday and Good Friday during Holy Week. In mid-1997, the currency crisis that started in Thailand.

People faced with uncertainties and difficulties of the times began drastically cutting “unnecessary’ expenses?leisure spending being one of the first things they let go. Problem How to even out demand t guest attendance

Action or further boost guest attendance during lean seasons, management decided to encourage first-time visitors to try parks rides and attractions by bringing down their admission price on certain days and months. To level out demand, pre-paid group bookings were encouraged. In line with this objective, management heavily promoted group sales, particularly the school and travel agents’ packages. Decision How to even out demand and how to boost guest attendance are some of the problems encountered by Enchanted Kingdom.

Many visitors wait for a ride for about 30-40 minutes.

To solve this problem management may add extra fun activities so as to entertain the guests and walk-in visitors, like mascots for picture taking or they can have life size image of cartoon characters or animals, they can also have live bands and dancers. Nevertheless, what the management need is to develop more rides that Mould satisfy the adventure of each guests and visitors. Evaluation Enchanted kingdom NAS to improve their performance tort the coming days and should keep on providing customers of all ages a total and unique experience of fun and enjoyment in order to have greater opportunities in the future.