The Marketing Environment Case Study

1 . What are the key micromanagement trends affecting the music industry? Give consideration to customers / clients, partners, and competitors.

  • Customers: Customers are those people who purchase product for their own or someone else’s use. So the sales are the important parts for the consumer to keep the industry running. Customers also act as an important roles to affect music industry either they keep purchasing or not.
  • Partners: Partners are organization or individuals who are involved in the activities and processes for creating communication and delivering offering to exchange. All the well being of technology, such as tunes, a digital platform for customer to purchase music online.

    This things can help people to get easier with music than before and creates a positive affection to music industry.

  • Competitors: In the 21st century, customer become more smart to find a lot of methods to relax themselves instead of music, move theatre also become a better choices for them.

2. What are the key nongovernmental trends affecting the music industry? Give inconsideration topological, economic, coloratura, technological, and legal factors.

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  • Political: Political force describe the influence of politics on marketing decisions. Music industry do not actively relative in politics but is directly relevant to the marketing organization through the ability of political issues to affect efforts at international marketing.
  • Economic: Economic forces refer to all of those factors that affect how much money people and organizations can spend and how they choose to spend it. If the economics is good, people will tend to spend their money in the music industry.
  • Coloratura: It is a term to describe the social and cultural factors that affect people attitude, beliefs, behavior, preferences customs and lifestyle. It is about we understand and respect different cultures and religion.
  • Technological: Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate that we are connected most of the time, be it to the internet via PC, laptop or mobile phones, The internet users also can download music without pay by using some illegal methods.
  • Legal factors: Laws and regulation should be set up by solving the problem of legal downloading problem to prevent it become worse.

The Marketing Environment Case Study

3. What opportunities or threats are being created tort the music industry because to these environments?

  • The illegal downloading problem have become a big threats toward the music industry. If them could not solve the illegal downloading problem, the music industry Nil make a big loss.


Are the bands/artists taking a proactive approach to managing its marketing environment? How?

  • Yes, the artist and bands present more live performing in recent years in order to stop people from illegal downloading the music from internet.