Chard Farm Case study

How can information technology help Rob Hay transform the winery’s operations from an artisan approach where all planning is “in his head” to a more formal approach? Highly recommend Chard Farm take mobile devise plus efficient system to improve business performance for whole organization.

First, Chard Farm has a flat hierarchical structure and 6 full time staffs. Each staff has own specific Jobs and they have multi skills to handle their Jobs.

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In this situation mobile devise and a professional system could improve communication performance. Making order, stock management and Job completing report can inform to top management staff on correct time. Moreover, Rob Hay and top management could give the efficient advices and feedback to individual employee or all employees in real time.

Second, Mobile devise could bring benefits to employees to communicate with huge amount supply. Chard Farm supplies from a variety of both national and international which are approximately 50.

They could use mobile devise go through social media talk to those suppliers. When they communicate with those suppliers, attention suppliers could give Chard Farm more information base on they required. They may have more opportunities to gain cheaper raw material.

Last, Mobile devises also can help Chard Farm to improve communicate with Manufacture. Manufacturing process is huge work. Chard Farm could track the manufacture process to gain the information to show customer or potential customer how they produce high quality wine to gain more profit. 2.

Given that the winery has limited resources, what system should Rob Hay prioritize to improve the winery’s operations? Why? Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) is best choice for Chard Farm. Under Chard Farm situation and limited resources they Just purchase a part of system Inch Just includes Materials management, sales and distribution.

First, they need to co-operate with approximately 50 suppliers and manufacture. It is complex communication and data share process. ERP could establish standardize business processes for huge process between suppliers and manufacture.

ERP could provide streamline workflow, eliminate redundant steps. Chard Farm can improve allegations between organization and customer and suppliers. Second, ERP can lower cost of doing business.

It reduced inventory costs resulting trot better planning, tracking and transiting tot customer demands and inventory levels. It faster collection of receivables based on better visibility into accounts and fewer billing and delivery errors under the current situation for payment between Chard Farm and supplier and manufacture.

Lower vendor costs by taking better advantage of quantity discounts and tracking vendor performance to use as leverage n negotiating prices which means Chard Farm could have more choices to select suppliers. Third, ERP also has advantage on supply chain management. ERP software allows organizations to share data between the suppliers and manufacture as well.

It is enable easy access to business data and to create efficient, streamlined work processes Last, ERP can improve overall customer experience for Chard Farm; it could improve Inventory management can eliminate out-of-stock situations and improve quality control.