Analysis of Alternative Solutions Case study

Alternative Solutions: a. Clearly explain the new hires at the first interview that they are expected to be at their desk on time and clearly explain the penalties of being late.

B. Team leaders should also arrive on time. Give rewards those personnel’s for being punctual. V’. Analysis of Alternative Solutions Alternative Solution l: Utilize a system of progressive discipline.

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Put everything in rutting, final warning must be adhered to. Advantages/Strengths: a. Supervisors review goal attainment during the evaluation period and establish goals and milestones for the next evaluation period.

The advantage is that employees benefit from combining their professional development goals with organizational goals, as many companies assist employees through leadership training, tuition reimbursement or skills training. B. An employee’s Job performance or workplace behavior that necessitates disciplinary review or corrective action becomes part of a summary that a team leader or a personnel to discuss the discipline, she’s provided with a copy of the documentation.

Another copy of the disciplinary review form goes into her employment file.

Documentation of disciplinary action helps employers maintain personnel files that accurately reflect the employee’s Job performance and work history. .If an employer needs to terminate an employee because of poor performance or misconduct recorded in the employee’s disciplinary record, a progressive discipline system is Justification for the employer’s decision. In case an employee files a formal complaint or lawsuit, or alleges the company engaged in unfair employment raciest, the employer may be able to reduce its liability for wrongful termination based on documentation of progressive discipline that led to the employee’s termination.

In fact, HER Outsourcing page for progressive discipline plainly states: ‘A progressive discipline policy is your best protection against making mistakes that Nil turn into a wrongful termination lawsuit.

” Additionally, the U. S. Chamber of Commerce suggests, “A progressive discipline policy provides the business with a system that is fair and easily defensible against a challenge. ” Disadvantages/weakness: Supervisors and employees alike dread annual performance evaluations.

Two distinct disadvantages are that some of them take so long to prepare that supervisors procrastinate because writing an evaluation takes time away from departmental duties. In addition, employees feel cheated figuratively and literally when they don’t get one.

They’re anxious to know how well their supervisors rate them, and because many employers tie raises and bonuses to performance ratings, the waiting game translates into lost money, even when the salary boost is retroactive.

The disadvantages of performance evaluations are the flip side of the advantages. They’re lengthy enough to discuss practically every aspect of the employee’s performance, and they’re the source of both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards for employees, based on their Job performance and skills. B. Goals aren’t created equal.

Truly effective goals follow the SMART model that, according to George T. Doran, who coined the mnemonic and conceptualized the model, means they’re “specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Unless he organization embraces the SMART goal-setting process, or if the employee doesn’t know how to properly establish or implement her goals, this performance- appraisal tool can be a counterproductive time suck The head department run the risk of guaranteeing a process that must be followed. Even if he/she don’t print up the policy and give it to employees, he/she Mould be, in effect, telling far they can go. In the event of a challenge, this information can be subpoenaed.

Thus, it could be shown in court that his/her actions offered from his/her own written policy, which always makes him/her look bad.

II. Statement of Best Solution : Everyone must clearly understand and know the rulings of the company and its punishments. Recommendations for further Improvement: Employee lateness is an issue that affects a company’s bottom line and therefore must be dealt with. However, it is a tricky problem that requires a multifaceted approach that both rewards punctuality as well as punishes lateness.

Be sure that managers set a good example by being on time to work and to meetings and that employees are made aware of the company policy surrounding lateness.

Be consistent and fair when enforcing the punishments. Title tot Case Study: TTY Controlled? II. Statement of Major Problem: Juan Villa had been overruled by Jack Baileys personnel. Ill.

Statement of Facts: a. Juan Vilas’s work was interrupted by Jack Baileys personnel without seeing him first. B. Jacks secretary keeps on reminding Juan about the changes of his output but lean didn’t pay attention to it. C.

When Jacks secretary has something to discuss with Juan, he is always out. IV. Alternative Solution: a.

Both teams should work as a group not as an individual. B.

Managers should always be around during work hours because there are lots of things to discuss with. C. Should clearly schedule meetings so that everyone would know about the changes. V. Analysis of Alternative Solutions Alternative solution l: Team leaders/Managers should conduct a proper meeting and announcement. They should always be around in the office especially when Morning hours; if they have something to do with they should inform their secretaries.

Managers should always check their work and should have an outline of he results of their projects and communicate with the team if there are changes to be made. VI. Statement of Best Solution: Everyone should clearly understand their Job descriptions. Team leaders should be responsible because they have their subordinates waiting them to command. They should set model to their employees. Recommendations for Further Improvement: Make a commitment; think about how to handle the first conflict between their stated objective and a pressing deadline.

Track mistakes and must define exactly what quality is. Have the right attitude.