Case Study Analysis Problems and Solutions

Bad breakfast organization problem: Solution: To increase number of employers in restaurants and to open more restaurants which serves breakfast.

To organize more coffee machines or coffee stands. Sell cheaper food Like hot dogs, sandwiches.. ( For example, Disney had thought that Europeans wouldn’t like to have a big breakfast in the morning.

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This misjudgment led to hungry and unhappy crowds in the mornings while most of the restaurants at the hotels and at the theme park weren’t able to serve breakfast.

. And then there was another problem with breakfast: there were way too few coffee machines at the Euro Disney Resort… ) 2. Lines Solution: To reorganizes restaurants work and to expand ride capacity also start using “line ticket machines”.

While reorganization try to make standing in line not a very unpleasant thing and make standing in line fun. Lines were caused by bad breakfast organization and slow redcurrants work and also by the low ride capacity. (Complaints also came from other restaurants: in spite of Disney’s projections, most European guests didn’t decide to sit down in one of the nine places at the resort and have a decent meal but – like the guests at the American and Japanese Disney parks – opted to go for a quick meal at one of the fast food places. This caused huge lines at those facilities. ) ) 3.

It’s too expensive Solution: Lower the prices but not for entrance. Sell cheaper and lower quality merchandise. Sell cheaper food like hot dogs, sandwiches… ( After paying for their admission tickets, most people almost stopped spending one more franc.

More guests than anticipated were bringing something to eat with them, the fine table-service restaurants didn’t get as much guests as hoped and the nice election of high-class merchandise at the resorts stores were sitting on their shelves, collecting dust. ) 4.

Low hotel occupancy solution: create some new actively Tort people won elves In ten note In ten welter months. Invite people to stay in hotel not only when going to Disneyland. ( After those summer months things didn’t look quiet as bright, with reservations being way behind expectations. Disney had hoped that those hotels would be the big money machine for the resort.

But now it seemed like they would even lose money if they would be operated with Just a small percentage of the expected guests staying there. )