Study stress: causes, effects and solutions

Study stress: causes, effects and solutions There are several causes of stress on students studying. One mall cause Is the number of examinations. Chinese education Is different from western education. When students start to study In New Zealand, they need time to adapt to the education. Another cause Is personality.

Some students don’t Like talking much, so they may not have a good relationship with their classmates. Further, different lifestyle and environment also can contribute to study stress, such as culture shock caused by different diet and customs.

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As a result of the study stress above, students may have many physical, psychological and study problems. One main effect of study stress is that it is bad for students’ health, causing headaches, loss of sleep, fever and even stomach diseases. Another effect is poor psychological health.

Students may become lonely, depressed, moody, have relationship problems and lose confidence. A further effect is that they need to study harder by cramming and staying up late so that they can catch up with the class. Stress in study can be reduced in many ways. One way is to balance study and recreation.

I think it is necessary for students to relax and calm down.

Students need to study hard, but not push themselves but Just try their best. They need to make a plan about their study. Another solution is to have a good relationship with classmates. They must get on well with each other and not be shy. It is very vital for students to make more friends, while they are studying overseas. Further, students can learn something about New Zealand such as culture and customs.

Trying to adapt to the life in New Zealand as quickly as possible is very important.