Case Study on Occupational Stress

Occupational Stress Case Study:

Occupational stress is the psycho-emotional condition of the organism which occurs during the process of work.

It is obvious that occupational stress is one of the major problems of the modern human civilization, because the majority of time people spend at work.Naturally, it is quite seldom that people find the job of their dream and receive pleasure while fulfilling it. More than 2/3 of employees are completely dissatisfied with the conditions of their work and their occupation. Nearly every person works in order to make money but not to improve its skills and knowledge and contribute into the development of the society. Of course, when there is such a poor attitude towards work, the issue of job satisfaction is not mentioned.

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When there is no the slightest job satisfaction, the employee faces stress and such a job influences his health negatively. The person who suffers from stress has problems with heart, nerves, sleep disorders, depression, etc.Occupational stress occurs not only because of the job dissatisfaction, but also because of the complexity of the work. The employee has to concentrate all the time, work for more than 8 hours daily and all these issues ruin the human psychics and the person is stressed and vulnerable for the mental disorders. In order to protect employees from occupational stress employers should maintain the healthy working atmosphere, provide the employee with the chance to make his own schedule and plan of work, enable him to reveal his hidden potential brainstorming new ideas and suggesting the adequate solutions towards the problems of the company. If the employee sees that he is praised and respected, he will work hard and enjoy his occupation reducing the stress and other related problems.

Occupational stress is the important problem of the modern world and the student should know about the issue as much as possible. The case on occupational stress is based on the research of the case site or the type of job, the type of the employee’s duties, schedule, terms, salary, etc. The student learns about the conditions of work and the cause of the stress in order to be able to analyze the effect of the stress and its possible solutions. One should summarize the case objectively and share the best methods of the defeat of occupational stress and improvement of the healthy working atmosphere in the case site.The most effective method to cope with the problematic case study is to join the Internet and read a free example case study on occupational stress prepared by an expert. The main plus of a free sample case study on occupational stress is the ability to see the idea way of the construction of the paper, its adequate analysis and the right formatting approved by the leading educational institutions.