Argumentative Essay on Stress

Stress: tension: (psychology) a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense. Although this is hardly something that is malignant, it is something that everybody works to avoid. Despite everyone’s attempts at evasion, we all experience stress, but I’ll bet you didn’t know that, in most cases, stress is self induced. The main way we cause ourselves stress is by overbooking, or taking on too many things at once. Overbooking is an easy thing to succumb to because it may seem like a remote possibility that being involved with a variety of activities could be negative however, it will only reverberate your chances of being successful.

When we attempt to take on too many things at once and try to do them without respite, we not only thwart ourselves, but we become fretful as we realize the excruciating fact that is we cannot handle everything. We become pressed for time, and are so focused on getting things complete, that we rush and are unable to complete said tasks to the best of our ability. It may seem that stress is ubiquitous but it is not. Be careful, and DO NOT try to take on more that you can handle. Don’t join the robotics team if you are already working on key club and student senate. The world will not end if you have some free time and you will be surprised as well as relieved when you find that you can relax, and that you actually have time to get things done and done well.

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