Case Study on Teenage Stress

Teenage Stress Case Study:

Teenage stress is the type of stress which is typical for young people and it differs from the general meaning of stress greatly.

It is obvious that teenagers are extremely sensitive people, because they worry about everything and treat everything seriously. Due to the profound psychological investigations sociologists and psychologists have distinguished the most typical reasons and symptoms of stress among young people. Moreover, it is obvious that teenage girls are more predisposed to stress, because their psychics is more sensitive than of the boys.Nevertheless, both genders face the problem of stress, because they try to look grown-up, independent and successful. Furthermore, the key problem which interests teenagers is the opposite sex.

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No wonder, teenage stress more often appears on the basis of the relationship problems, troubles with parents, friends, school, classmates and difficult homework. Parents should remember that teenagers treat their problems seriously and believe that their success depends on the trivial, from the parents’ point of view, things. Very often parents do not know how to behave to help the teenager cope with his or her problems, because they have forgotten their own problems being young and active. The most useful methods will can help teenagers cope with their stress are reading, sport, spending time with friends and hobbies. Moreover, young people should be allowed to do the things they like, because constant restrictions will only make their mood worse.Teenage stress has always been a serious problem which is connected with the specific psychics and behaviour of young people which differs greatly from that of the grow-ups’.

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