Case Study on Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Case Study:

Occupational health and safety is the system of the protection of the employee’s life and health in the process of work, which includes juridical, social, economic, organizational, technical, hygienic, rehabilitation and other norms.Occupational health and safety is a very broad and complicated thing and it is aimed at the maximum protection and maintenance of the employee’s health and life on the workplace. Years ago the question of occupational health and safety did not exist, because the value of the human life was little. Employers of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century treated the working class negatively and the work at a factory or plant was extremely risky and every day numerous workers were injured and even died on the workplace.

With the development of the movements struggling for the human rights and employees’ rights in particular the latter got the chance of health protection and safety. The essential components of occupational health and safety are hygiene of work and hygiene of the workplace (the workplace has to be clean and free of the effect of the possible harmful factors, like bacteria, infections, the industrial wastes, etc); electricity safety; fire safety; process safety (the safety of the work on the potentially dangerous objects, like atomic power plants, chemical plants, etc); etc. The employee should be provided with the up-to-date devices and appliances which are safe for the human health. In addition, the special exercises and trainings of occupational health a safety are carried out for the employees to provide them with the information about the proper behavior in case of a disaster and how to work carefully in order to prevent injures and incidents.The trainings are supposed to improve the employee’s self-responsibility for his health on the workplace.

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Occupational health and safety is an important factor which maintains the quality and safety of work in business. Studying the case about occupational health and safety one should learn about the general norms and laws which control the issue. On the basis of the background knowledge about the problem it is possible to research the definite case objectively. The student will be able to research the cause and effect of the problem and define whether the norms of occupational health and safety have been carried out and how the problem can be changed positively.A case study is the research of the definite problem and the student should know how to focus his attention on it correctly.

With the help of a free example case study on occupational health and safety one is able to catch the right way of writing and formatting of the paper. One is able to borrow a few ideas from a free sample engineering-oriented case study on occupational health and safety and understand how to analyze the issue properly and apply the most regular methods for the research of the case.