Case Study on Social Determinants of Health

Social Determinants of Health Case Study:

Social determinants of health are the factors of the social environment which influence the human health and its quality. It is not a secret that the health of the human being depends on the environment and the social factors which are characterized with the position of the person in the society, her economic background, family and other elements. The very first social determinant is the environment where the human being was born in. If one was born in the favourable conditions and received support and love, his health was in the good condition form the very beginning. Another factor is the age.

Obviously, young people are healthier than the elderly ones, so with the run of time the quality of the human health gradually reduces. The environment of the permanent human life influences the health considerably, because if the climate, ecological conditions are poor, the person will fall ill constantly and her health will not be enough strong.For example, the people living in industrial polluted areas or in the areas with cold and humid weather will not have strong health. The workplace is also a serious indicator of the human health, for example, the work which causes stress and hard physical labor will not be favourable for the human life. Finally, the most obvious social determinant is the social class and economic background of the individual.

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Because of the unequal distribution of resources and money some people can afford better healthcare service, food, recreation and rest, while the absolute majority of people do not have the opportunity to take advantage of these privileges.Social determinants of health are the social elements of the human everyday life which define the influence of the human position in the society, personal qualities, etc on the human health.The student has the opportunity to observe the problem on social determinants of health and prepare a good case study which would illustrate the problem from all sides. The student can dwell on the peculiarities of the issue, think about the pluses and minuses of the problem which has occurred in the case site and try to solve the problem in the constructive way.A good case study can be prepared with the help of the Internet and the trustworthy assistance of the intelligent writers who share their experience and creativity with students. One is able to read a free example case study on social determinants of health written online and prepare a good assignment following this text.

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