CA Case Study

CA is a private company categorized under computer programming services. Records show it was established in 2008 and incorporated in California. Hathaway operates as a digital agency building consumer brands and enterprise business online. Through digital strategy, design and application development. Hathaway creates experiences that transcend device, medium and touch point.

With an unfaltering integrity and drive for clients’ service, their work is changed with a genuine desire to see their clients succeed.

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Among the core values of the company are adventure, purpose, mastery, integrity, drive and relationships. Within the over changing digital realm Hathaway through their operations try to close the gap between strategy and creative, building interactive experiences with the newest technology. Among the services that are provided by Hathaway have been categorized below: Mobile- Mobile Application Development, Mobile Web Design, Mobile Web Development. Social- Social Media Marketing, Backbone Application Development, Interactive Campaign.

Strategy and Analytics- XX Strategy, Conversion Optimization, Website Analytics and Reporting Creative- Custom Infinite Design, Visual Identity and Branding, Print Design. Development- Customer Infinite Development, Web Application Development, Open Source Software Customization, Custom Software Development, Commerce Website Development. Digital Marketing- Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Digital Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing.

With reference to the case study given, one would realize that the supply chain operations of Hathaway Technologies could be lassie as mechanical. They were transaction focus as captured in the statement by John Brown, the Project manager, “make sure C understands that I will additional do anything in my power to ensure that they will not receive any more business if they cause problems on my project”. Again, it is evident that Hathaway reacts to requisition and they are not involved in key source selection as the problem with the sac’s suppliers was unknown to Hathaway.

It also evident in the case that, the relationship between is Hathaway and C is more of adversarial or transactional. Also, the operations of Hathaway as provided in the case indicates that they were looking at reaching a neutral revenue. Hathaway Technologies has a problem on their hands and the problem could be attributed to the fact that they do not operate the best practice model in their supply chain activities.

Supply Chain management can be defined as a network of manufacturers and service providers that work together to convert and move goods from raw material stage through to the end user. The definition provided above underlines the fact that, manufacturers and service revisers are inextricable linked together in a chain of activities through physical flows, information flows and monetary flows or financial transfers to make the whole activity feasible and meaningful.

From the case, one would realize that Hathaway had flaws in their supply chain activities as their operations is more of mechanical. The issue at stake is that the project that Hathaway is embarking on is an all-important one and failure cannot be entertained. But the problems they have on their hands would not have occurred if they had taken to a proactive or world class approach in their apply activities which is the best practice model in the supply chain management.

In order to solve the issue and guard against such occurrences in the future, it is important for Hathaway to know that Purchasing which was considered as a staff function not strategically linked to the production line has moved away from that position to a world class model where it is considered as a core competence and the activities involve strategic sourcing, monitoring supply environment, developing & Implementing commodity strategy, integrating supply strategy and managing risk. He emphasis is also aimed at total acquisition cost and the relationship in the supply chain should be a collaborative one.

Indeed, the best practice of the supply Chain management involves adapting the use of the SCORE (Supply Chain Operations Reference) model which is meant to provide a standard description of the processes, relationships and metrics that define supply chain management.

It emphasizes five areas in any supply chain management whether in the service or production firm. These are; l) Planning Activities -This include balancing demand requirement against resources ND communicating their plans to various participants within the chain. ‘) Sourcing Activities-This involves identification, developing and contracting required suppliers in the chain and scheduling the delivery of incoming materials or services. Iii) Make or Buy Activities- This covers actual production of goods and services ‘v) Delivery Activities-This includes all activities such as; entering customers’ orders and determining delivery dates through to storing and movements of goods to their final destination v) Return Activities- This include all the supply chain activities necessary o return and process defective or excess products or materials.

In conclusion, it is imperative for Hathaway to appreciate the fact that the chain of activities in the whole operation is supposed to be ‘one single entity. This simply underlines the fact that the supply system within an organization constitute all its internal functions including the external suppliers involved in the identification and fulfillment of needs for (materials, equipments and services) in an optimized manner.

Moving forward, Hathaway should collaborate with its suppliers and consider their problems as their