Anemia Case Study

Anemia is the significance of a lower than normal hematocrit.

If there’s a bacterial infection on the hematocrit then the percentage can be affected it can either go higher or lower. 2. The development of lymphocytes is different to other elements because lymphocytes not only develop in bone marrow and finish in lympatic tissue. Other elements start and finish their development in bone marrow. 3.

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Erythropoiesis is the specific production of red blood cells.

Negative feedback increases red blood cell production, but if the stimulus disrupts homeostasis then in decreases red blood cell production. 4. If a person with type B blood is given a transfusion of type O blood it wouldn’t affect them at all because Type O blood is the universal donor and can be given to people with type A, B, AB, and O because it doesn’t have A or B antigens. 5. A) The WBC with a round nucleus surrounded by blue cytoplasm and visual granules is Lymphocytes.

B) The WBC with blue purple granules that hide the nucleus is Basophils.

C) Monocytes is a WBC that has a U Shaped nucleus, with a blue foamy cytoplasm and no visible Granules. D) Neutrophils WBC is small, with a pale lilac granual and four lobes on it nucleus. E) Eosinophils is a WBC that has red orange granules and a two lobed nucleus. 6. The total number of Leukocytes rises during an infection because most leukocytes only live for a few hours or a few days, and some leave the blood stream and don’t come back so our body needs to produce more to fight off the infection.


The Lymphocytes is responsible for building up immune resistance. Lymphocytes have 3 different cells; T cells that attack the virus, B cells carry out immune responses, and NK cells attack the virus. 8. Prothrombinase is what converts prothrombin into thrombin and thrombin converts fibrinogen into insoluble fibrin.

The Extrinsic pathway is a lot faster and normally used in time of trauma and is not as complex as intrinsic pathway. Intrinsic pathway is more complex that extrinsic pathway and because of that it takes a lot more time.