The Technical Support

The Technical Support Clerk Melissa Claire works as a technical support representative at a call center for a major computer manufacturer. Her duties include answering the telephone, answering technical questions, troubleshooting customer problems, and providing other general information and guidance to customers. Her supervisor told her to be courteous and not to rush callers.

However, the supervisor also told her that she must process at east five calls per hour because of the volume of calls that typically comes in and the limited staff available. Melissa comes home each day frustrated because she cannot always find the information that she needs in the database, and she becomes stressed whenever she is told to “speed it up”. Questions 1 . What is Melissa Job as opposed to her Job description? What might Deeming say about this situation? 2.

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Drawing upon Deeming principles, outline a plan to improve this situation. Part 2 3.

Read the Santa Cruz Company Case we discussed in class. Explain how Demise’s 14 points are reflected in its management practices and procedures. Case Study #2 Please read the article named “Supplier and Partnering process” and answer the following questions: 1 . Please research and find an incident from the past 10 to 15 Hears) that the supplier relationship has gone wrong. Please elaborate what happened.

You CANNOT use the same example from the article. 2.

Using the same example from #1, please comment on how the 3 guiding principles could have helped this situation. Case Study 3 In the article “Would Six Sigma have killed Apple“, the author listed a good and a bad example of how the company applied six sigma techniques for continuous improvement.

Do you agree six sigma stifles innovation? Why or why not? Please find an area at your workplace that you would like to apply six sigma for continuous improvement. Please define the problem and explain why you think six sigma techniques would be a good fit.