Obsolete machines

Insaneness Obsolete machines Absence of any record concerning the production process Failure off piecemeal manufacture Lack of definite sequence of manufacturing operations Lack of information regarding overall manufacturing time Arbitrary delivery dates by the sales department High production cost Low-level tot customer service Opportunities Location that allows them to have easy access to the customer Customer requires engines that are made-to-order Increasing popularity of diesel engines Threats Many new producing companies are emerging Inordinate number of order

Calamities and other forms of natural disasters VI. Alternative courses of action ACACIA : Determine the sequence of manufacturing process including the time it takes for each production process to be done. Advantages Management will know the overall manufacturing time, this will enable them to estimate the time it will take for the product to finish so that it will be determined on time This will determined possible areas of bottlenecks thus, these will be eliminated Reduce in process inventory of parts Disadvantages This may require changes in the process, that may be readily accepted by the

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Norse This in-process parts cannot be easily use the service department to supply for their emergency repairs COCA: Limit made-to-order orders and instead concentrate to the sale of standard- line of the agricultural engine Advantages iris will greatly help in the simplification and standardization of the production process Disadvantages This may result to decline in sales as 60% of the company’s sales are generated through made-to-order engines COCA: Set an exact delivery time/date for each product Advantages This will inhibit any disruption in the manufacturing process Disadvantages

This may cause a customer dissatisfaction as rush order will not be allowed COCA:lampooner the company’s online database management system Advantages Close monitoring company sales Faster and more efficient service to customers and suppliers Disadvantages rime consuming rime constraint Ill. Recommendation Nee recommend the thirst alternative course tot action which is to determine the sequence of manufacturing process including the time it takes for each production process to be done.