A social psychologist

Team cohesion refers to the mutual attraction attractiveness of the team members, members of the team cohesion, and team members, team cohesion is not only a necessary condition or the existence of maintaining the team, but the team has the potential to play a ‘ere important role. If a team loses cohesion, it is impossible to complete the task entrusted to the organization itself will lose the conditions exist.

A social psychologist has said that what the cohesion do is to enable members of the group to stay together in groups, which is a kind of interpersonal attraction, attraction it had some similarities mechanics, such as a personal in the play “meteor ball”, the meteor ball turn around with center. The primary question that the Woods Foundation is acing is to figure out the conflict in the development team. Because each group has its own interests, and in some cases these are directly opposed to one another.

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The second problem is that how to distribute the Job for different candidates.

In the scenario, the development team is consisted of three individuals- HER representatives from the Woods Foundation, the schools, and the NIECE. However, they have some different opinions for controlling, I mean that parents want to know more about their kids in school, the school thinks that they should have the most power. In my point of ‘IEEE, I agree with what Victoria Adams said. She mentioned that the schools and the foundation need to have larger roles then the parents and communities, like Duane said, the class sizes get bigger, and scores and graduation rates go down, it needed to be fixed.

This is because the parents have much interferer into the school.

With the increasing complexity of the organization, a lot of work real hard to rely on individual independently, must depend on the power of teamwork in order to play, so there are times demand of team management, successful organizations to establish rarity of different functional team management. Therefore, if we make good use of team management organization, the potential for inspired members to assist in problem solving, enhance member organizations agreed to enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness, with a certain function.

To play a team management effectiveness, each member must first understand the goals and mission of the group and individual roles and responsibilities; followed by members of the group will also learn how to complete the task, the last team to be able to reach a positive Investment objectives. The first solution is to accommodate general, there are two cases, one believes the relationship is important; first, the other side has an absolute advantage.

Accommodate each other, will not affect the relationship between the two, but there are certain risks, to give up their correct position, if the other party is rung, accept the punishment that he should be held accountable.

Second, the both sides face the conflict, and focus on the best power solutions to problems. Cooperative manner can oaten bring a win-win result, but also the best method solve the conflict. In this way first of all have plenty of time to study the issue, but also requires the fundamental interests of both sides is the same, so as to achieve together to find solutions.

The benefits of using this approach are that the solution may contain the views of the advantages of the two sides, problems caused by the conflict to be resolved. There is the risk that it takes a certain time, it is also possible to have no gain. In conclusion, I suggest Management by objectives, which is a process of defining objective within an organization so that management and employees agree to the objectives and understand what they need to do in the organization in order to achieve them.

In this situation, the requirements are having: lustier, fairness, and openness, emphasizing equality, objectivity and so on. But in the specific strategic business process management project, different cultures, backgrounds of companies, different relationships, the forces of competition collaborative project specific environment, is likely to cause an imbalance of their performance management and non-objective, or flow in and other forms.