Case Study on Social Loafing

Social Loafing Case Study:

Social loafing is the effect which is characterized with the fact that the effectiveness of the group performance is lower than of a chosen individual one. There is a myth that work can be done faster and more effective if it is fulfilled not by a single person but by the group of people. Sometimes it is true, but the actual effectiveness of the selected members in the group tasks is much lower. When people work together, they do not try to take many efforts for the sake of the whole team and the task is fulfilled only due to the most active members of the group who feel responsible for the quality of the result. There were many experiences and tests which have proved that social loafing really exists in all spheres of the human life.

For example, when the person was asked to shout, but she was told that she is shouting together with the group, the strength of the shout was three times lower than of the shout produced when the person was told she was shouting alone.The effect is also quite widespread in education, when students receive group assignments and no one wants to take efforts to do it rapidly and professionally.Such assignments are fulfilled by the responsible students who care about the mark and feel that they are the leaders in the group, while the rest of students do little or nothing at all. It is natural that the effect of social loafing does not exist in sports when there is team spirit and every member of the team is interested in the positive result of the group activity.Social loafing is an interesting effect which demonstrates the human laziness and conformism towards the will and activity of the more ambitious and hardworking people.

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The effect can be studied in detail if the student decides to dwell on the peculiarities of the problem, learn about the cause and effect of social loafing and think about the solution of the issue on practice. One can pay attention to the definite cases on social loafing trying to catch the major reason of this human behaviour and generate smart ideas on the development of the human responsibility and activeness in group work.There are moments when the student is not aware about the right order of writing of the assignment and he requires extra help of the well-educated experts in this field. The young person can receive help in the Internet following the manner of writing of a free example case study on social loafing.Every free sample case study on social loafing is useful for the students who require assistance on formatting and construction of the logical text.