Case Study on Social Marketing

Social Marketing Case Study:

Social marketing is the type of marketing which is supposed to use its instruments and potential for the improvement of life of a certain group of people or the whole society.

At the very beginning social marketing played the role of an advisor of people and persuaded them to go in for sport, lead a healthy way of life, eat properly (consume only healthy food), give up smoking, use contraception to protect the individual and the partner from AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, etc. Today social marketing has a bit different meaning, because now it is the work of the commercial companies aimed at advertising of a brand and social values at the same time. The key elements of such a type of marketing are the research, development and production of the goods and services which can satisfy the needs of consumers and the creation of the social programs which are aimed at the advertisement of the social ideas and movements.It is obvious that social marketing is supported by the government, because people are supposed be informed about the healthy way of life, about the danger of certain diseases, etc. So, today every company which wants to have high profits is expected to include a certain percent of social values in the advertisement of their production.

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For example, a company which produces clothes and footwear should focus on the healthy way of life and show a person who goes in for sport and leads an active way of life in the advertisement wearing the shoes or a T-shirt produced by this very company.The importance of social marketing is considered to be quite high but very often its value is questioned, because very few people believe in the information presented in the ad. Moreover, the corporations often fail to create true-to-life ads which can convince the people to change their lifestyle. In order to prepare a successful social marketing case study one will need to pay much attention to the suggested case. The student should study the case site, get to know about some background factors which have caused the problem and analyze its effect. Furthermore, one is supposed to brainstorm the effective solutions to the problem under analysis to demonstrate his knowledge to the teacher.

Sometimes it is difficult to complete a good case study, because one does not simply possess enough writing experience. The Internet and a free sample case study on social marketing in India will teach every student to research the problem on the direct example. Having read a high-quality free example case study on social media marketing, one will understand how to format the paper well and how to create a logical structure to it.