Case Study on Use of Social Media

Use of Social Media Case Study:

Social media is a kind of mass media which exists under the assistance of the Internet and is characterized with the fact that online users take the active part in the creation of the content of the media and make it popular or not involving other users, cooperating between one another and sharing information. The sphere of social media is divided into numerous branches: various common projects, blogs and micro blogs, content groups, social networks, virtual game worlds, virtual social worlds. Nowadays, social media has become the most important and popular means of mass media, because television and radio do not attract so much attention as the Internet with its numerous means of communication. The popularity of social media depends on the value of information in the modern society. Today information is the most valuable resource, so the Internet has become the leading means of mass media.

Speaking about the use of social media one should admit that it plays a very important role n the human everyday life. The majority of people work and rest with the help of social media, they communicate there, exchange information, look for the data they are interested in. The Internet, especially social networks and blogs are the biggest sources of information and people use these means intensively. On the other hand there are many disadvantages of social media, because people become overloaded with information, what increases stress; people stop communicating in the natural way, because they sit in front of the computer screen or in the smart phone chatting with one another. As common people have become the active part of the creation of the sphere of information, they spend the majority of their time online (especially it is negative for children who spend long hours in the online visual universe of video games).

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Social media has become the integral part of the human life and the student is able to dwell on the problem in detail and research a case about it. A well-organized case study is expected to contain information about the cause and effect of the certain problem related with social media and its use, its pluses and minuses and the methods which can be useful for the quality solution and regulation of the problem. One should brainstorm the most efficient ideas about the use of social media in order to succeed in writing.It is difficult to cope with the case study in the right way without possessing enough writing experience and knowledge about the details of the assignment. A free example case study on use of social media can be effective for every student who requires a hint for writing.

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