Social Media Sites

Social media sites such as face book, Twitter, etc. are sites that are mostly visited and form the most appropriate place to advertise real estate products and services online. One way is to create an e-marketing social media bio. This is done by writing a short message highlighting the products and services.

Secondly, real estate agents should join appropriate e-marketing social media networks. This will help them to get connection with competitors and clients. It also allows them to help their clients. This is done by suggesting interesting articles and information that can add value to clients. Linkedin, for example, has an area where they can answer other user’s questions or suggest questions to be answered by the community of experts. Considering the editorial capability of emails, it is another appropriate way to market the real-estate products. Emails can reach a wide audience and can contain peronalized and relevant information. Email marketing is advantageous because it is cheap, and helps to deliver messages to specific people. Century 21 business can either send direct or retention emails to their customers. Direct email is where the business sends promotional message in form of an e-mail.

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It can be a promotion of a special offer or new product or service in the market. Retention e-mail, on the other hand, is in the form of regular e-mails whose aim is to develop a long-term impact to the customers. Moreover, instead of producing their personal newsletters, the agents can use newsletters published by others to put their advertisement and pay them to send to them to send to their subscribers as they also send theirs. Another form of e-media that the company can employ is television. This will reach many people because many homes possess television.

Message retention is increased with the sight and sound of television than sound alone. Generally, e-media provides the following advantages: It stimulates and expedites buying decisions; It is cost effective and has a favorable return on investment; E-mails go to a specific targeted audience than mass media; ConclusionMarketing in real-estate requires a good analysis of the characters of the external environment. The environment includes government regulations, the economic climate within which the customers operate and the general technological changes within the economy. Real-estate agents should work with integrity and honesty to address customers’ perception of untrustworthiness in real-estate. Finally, to promote buying and selling to potential buyers, the agents should also consider using e-media such as websites, emails and social media services to advertise their business.