Social Media

Social media entails significant interactions where people are able to create, share, and exchange different pieces of information on different topics. This letter is based on Facebook which is one of the vital social media that individuals in the contemporary world are utilizing to reach others in different parts of the globe.

Notably, facebook is one of the largest social media around the globe and has facilitated effective connectivity between people from all races and continents all around the world. This letter focuses on the significance of facebook to students and highlights the opposition that might be raised toward the significance of facebook. First, facebook enables students learn new ideas and emerging trends in different parts of the globe. It should be noted that facebook is a social media that connects a large number of people from all parts of the globe. People have an opportunity to post different ideas on facebook and this gives students a better chance of learning about new trends and happenings in different parts of the globe. They become more knowledgeable with the emerging trends and lifestyles of people in other parts of the globe.

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With the new ideas and trends derived from facebook, students become more creative and develop a postive approach to life. They get a better opportunity to conduct research on the ideas derived from facebook hence widening their knowledge base.Second, students are able to view job opportunities that exist in their localities and other parts of the world. Facebook has become a vital social media as different companies have taken it as an advertising media. There are a large number of adverts concerning job opportunities and students have the opportunity to view each of the jobs and the required qualifications.

The identification of job opportunities through facebook gives them an idea concerning what they are supposed to do to get the opportunities. Students also get the motivation to acquire the relevant skills in order to work for the companies they desire. The realization of the existing opportunities promotes the urge for these students to work excessively hard toward the achievement of their targets. Last, facebook enables students to open up their minds concerning different matters in the world. As noted earlier, facebook always has enormous information about the happenings in different parts of the globe.

The wide information and the interactions that take place between these students on facebook enables them to open their minds to different matters. They are able to be accommmodative and approach life with much determination as they develop their lives and move toward the achievement of their goals. However, an objection regarding the significance of facebook to students is inevitable. Most individuals would argue that facebook is addictive and would always tend to take much of the student’s time. Those in disagreement would hold the position that facebook makes it difficult for students to read effectively as they spent much of their time searching for irrelevant information on facebook.

This is likely to lead to poor performance among students as they continue dedicating most of their time on facebook. The level of achievement among students would decline as they continue enjoying irrelevant details on facebook. This in the opposition would also hold that the time spent on facebook is excessive and could have been used for better matters such as reading and research.All those in support of the position that facebook improves the well-being of students are highly appreciated. They are on the right track because the world is changing at an extreme speed and almost everything is being catapulted by technology.

Therefore, thank you so much for appreciating the significance of facebook and continue holding that position forever for a better world.