Henry Mentoring Case study

We can easily see that her activities conform to a great extent to a observations made by Henry Mentoring. Her day is occupied with a lot of small activities performed at feverish pace which includes meeting with potential clients, reviewing team performance, general meetings, and absorbing some extra work load her team. Her day starts early and to accommodate meeting new customers.

She usually plans her day ahead and priorities tasks that need to be performed on the next working day.

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As a manager, she has to perform a lot of varied and fragmented activities with disruptions. As part of her Job, she has to network socially with new customers, local community and her own staff. We can see that she is performing multiple roles in her job. Her interpersonal roles signify her as a leader who is motivating her employees for high performance. She also acts as a liaison between the banks and its customers.

A list of Wong Gilmore activities are classified below according to the four managerial functions. Planning activities- Meeting with customers. Strategy planning for signing up new customers. Organizing activities- Information dissemination to employees. Operation scheduling for customer operations. Leading activities- Leading employers to do well to their Job.

Quality of work Controlling activities- Controlling customers and employers, or handle special problems. Reducing any problems that can appears at the workplace.