Ezra and Benton Case Study

You have been hired as a consultant to a small clothing manufacturer who wants to emulate the success of Ezra and Benton. She wants advice on an innovation strategy which takes the key lessons from these successful firms. What would you offer? Tied 295) Nothing the entire business a change needs to be made in order to transition into a more electronically effective business, this can be done by growing Mechanization of operations. By introducing technological improvements such as a mobile app a Infinite or possibly integrating online services not previously offered.

Additionally the business can incorporate international trade which is has a huge upside since it saves money and allows the business to not only save money but also to increase its productivity.

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Another great way for the manufacturer to emulate the success of Ezra and Benton is to produce clothes which combine stylish designs with a strong link o current high-fashion themes with moderate prices (Tied 294). Sara’s successful growth is not simply a matter of low prizes or of standardization, but rather of innovation that is complimented by providing their customers with variety and product innovation. The small clothing Manufacturer must increase its variety, in addition to providing the consumer with product innovation such as that of Ezra and Benton.

Conclusion In conclusion it is extremely important for the small clothing manufacturer to incorporate, technology and technologically advanced systems and software, along Ninth product innovation and a larger variety of great choices for customers to pick from.

Lastly the business must improve introduce international trade in order to offset the costs of providing a larger variety of clothing. If this can be done successfully the small business could match the success of Ezra and Benton. References rid, John Peasant and Joe. Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2nd Edition. John Wiley ; sons, (I-J), 04/2011.