Ezra controls

The close relationship between manufacturing and retailing make Ezra different from the others specialty apparel retailers. His motto could be ?« fast and fashion ?». Ezra controls all phases of production of its clothing from design to distribution. A choice taken by the will of the company to ?« adapt to the client’s request in minimum time.

?», for Ezra, the most important thing is time. Ezra has a highly flexible tool for producing close to its customers and an efficient and quick chain information system.

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Ezra designers are constantly listening to advice and comments from store managers. During their regular contact, the store managers give suggestions, advice and criticisms on products and on the choice that should be taken thanks to the retail experiences with customers. .

Lat allows to Ezra to be the first company to offer the new fashion garments, Ezra create a sort of rareness. To control his production, Ezra produces a lot in Spain with exclusive suppliers, it give to Ezra a great reactivity and a good control.

Ezra reduces also Inventory risk and delays thanks to limited series. Ezra is able to deliver all of its stores since their huge warehouse which centralized the production, it limits Intermediaries, reduce stocks, and delays. One of the main difference between Ezra and H Is that H has not the quickness, the reactivity of his production tool and the short delays that Ezra can have because H produces their garments In Eastern Europe and In Salsa and also because of the control chain which Is longer.

One other main difference are that H Invests a lot in advertising contrary to Ezra, Indeed H Is making huge advertising campaigns. Question 2 In the business model of Ezra, the stores are playing a huge and Important role. First, Ezra do not Invest In advertising, they consider that the stores, the shop front, the Image given by the store Is the more efficient way to make a good advertising campaign. All those things are explored In study office In order to to attract and seduce the consumer. Ezra pays also a lot of attention to the store location.

The advertising budget Is completely dedicated to the store locations because they think that this Is the best advertisement for the clothing chain when stores are represented In the most famous shopping streets In the world. The stores allows also to Ezra to know what the consumer wants. This Is the base of the chain Information system of Ezra, the manager observe each days how the consumer behaves In order to try to find what will be the future trends. Thanks to this chain Information and also the reactively of the production tool, Ezra could be the first to eave the new fashion clothes.

I think that Ezra should continue to own most of Its control their image very easily. Question 3 To my mind there are several levers of Sara’s business success : The creation is close to the production.

A flexible and reactive tool production. A chain information system very efficient. A system of “suppliers” exclusive for the company. A total control from the production to the distribution. A continual renewal of collections.

Few stocks and short delays with fast logistics. (huge warehouse) Locations of Sara’s stores.

In this case, the product is one of the main key of the success of Ezra because they are able to fabric new fashion products in short delays. So they create a rareness, a situation of monopoly which is benefit to the company for sure. Question 4 I think Ezra should open a warehouse in China because first the Chinese market will quickly become the second largest market. They should open a warehouse there in order to reduce costs and delays, because if the demand gets bigger, it could be interested to have one there because there are a lot of potential clients there.