Ezra store

The Indexed group (of which Ezra Is a part) is headquartered In La Corona, northwest Spain, where the first Ezra store opened In 1975.

It Is claimed that Ezra needs Just two weeks to develop a new product and get It to stores, compared with a two-month Industry average.

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Ezra has resisted the Industry-wide trend towards outsourcing fast fashion production to low-cost countries. Its most unusual strategy is its policy of zero advertising; the company prefers to invest a percentage of revenues in opening new stores instead. Main shareholder of Inedited, Manioc Ortega Source: Copyright C Inedited. Sara’s business model Ezra is a vertically integrated retailer.

Unlike similar apparel retailers, Ezra controls most of the steps on the supply chain: it designs, produces and distributes itself.

Ezra is a fashion imitator and focuses its attention on understanding the current fashion trend, which is hat customers want, and then delivering it, rather MOM HOLLOWLY 06 SE CO. And 144 than promoting predicted season’s trends via fashion shows and similar channels of Influence, as traditionally done by the fashion industry. Of the products Ezra sells, 50 per cent are Mann factored In Spain, 26 per cent In the rest of Europe and 24 per cent In Asian and African countries and the rest of the world.

So while some competitors (e.

G. Gap) outsource all production to Asia, Ezra makes Its most fashionable items ? half of all Its merchandise ? at a dozen company-owned factories in Spain and here labor is cheaper than most of western Europe. Clothes with a longer shelf life, such as basic T-shirts, are outsourced to low-cost suppliers, mainly in Asia and Turkey. The store acts as a point of sale and also influences the design and speed of production. It is the end and starting point of the business system.

Sara’s business cycle starts with customers’ Judgments on the new designs, as well as information collected by staff members who travel to fashion cities, observing people on the streets, browsing publications and visiting venues frequented by their potential customers. What distinguishes Ezra from its competitors is the feedback that Sara’s managers get from the customers at the point of sale in the stores about new clothing lines they are interested in. Store managers report customer demands and sales trends to the headquarters on a daily basis.

Members of the design group (over 300 designers for Inedited – 200 for Ezra alone) use the feedback to create new articles or to modify existing goods and then deliver the items to the stores. All stores receive goods twice a week and each shipment contains new products (Figure 1).

These frequent shipments also avoid the deed for large inventories. In the stores, around 60 per cent of Ezra products are permanent and the remaining 40 per cent vary continually.

Ezra can offer considerably more products than similar companies. It launches about 30,000 model items annually compared with 10,000 items for its key competitors. The company has been able to shorten the product life cycle which means greater success in meeting consumer preferences. If a design doesn’t sell well within a week, it is withdrawn from shops, further 7/8/13 3:05 PM case study 1.

1 EZRA Figure 1 145 Sara’s business model orders are cancelled and a new design is pursued. Seeks, which encourages Ezra fans to make repeat visits. An average high-street store in Spain expects customers to visit three times a year, but that figure will be up to 17 times for Ezra. Sara’s core competence lies in the ability to recognize and assimilate the continuous changes in fashion, rapidly designing new models that respond to customer needs and wants. Ezra uses its flexible business model to adapt to changes occurring during a season, reacting to them by bringing new products to the stores in a short time.

Or Ezra the keys to global competitiveness re the time factor and the ability to adapt the offer precisely and quickly to the customer desires. The logistics system, based on software designed by the company’s own teams, means that the time between receiving an order at the distribution centers (in Spain only) to the delivery of the goods in the store is on average 24 hours for European stores and a maximum of 48 hours for American or Asian stores.

Sara’s (Indies’s) store brand portfolio Ezra store in Moscow, Russia Source: Copyright Inedited. MOM HOLLOWLY 06 SE CO. Tend 145 Over the past 30 years, Inedited has built a portfolio f brands (see Table 1 for details) through brand acquisition – Misaims Duty in 1991 and Strabismus in 1999 – and brand development by using a multi-brand strategy and an extension strategy.

In line with the multi-brand development strategy, Ezra was created in 1975, pull ; sear 1991, Berserk in 1998 and shoo in 2001 and Utter?e in 2008. The extension strategy 146 Apart The decision whether to internationalist Table 1 Ezra (including Ezra Kids) pull ; sear Misaims Atilt’ Berserk Strabismus Shoo Ezra Home Utter?e 1975 1991 1998 1999 2001 2003 2008 Number of 1830 stores (2011) 750 450 Product

Fast fashion clothing Casual clothes Quality and conventional fashion Avian-grade Trendy Lingerie Household (textiles for bed, bath and table) Accessories (handbags, footwear, leather goods and costume jewelry) Target underscores Women, men Women, Women, and children, and men, and men, ages 13-23 ages 25-45 ages 15-25 ages 13-23 Youths (Women) Mainly women, ages 15-45 Year of foundation Price/quality Medium-low/ medium Medium-low/ Medium-high/ Medium-low/ Medium-low/ Medium-low/ Medium-low/ Medium-high/ medium medium-high medium high Source: based on Lopez and Fan (2009). As applied to Ezra Home. Inedited used the name of the existing Ezra brand to take advantage of the transfer of associations between the parent brand and the extended one, Ezra Home. Ezra is the flagship chain (66 per cent of total Inedited turnover).

It encompasses many different styles, from daily clothes, more informal, to the more serious or formal, through dresses and suits for festival events. Fashion for women, men and children. Pull & Bear focuses on youth fashion, with a very urban style. Aimed primarily at teens and pre-teens, for both girls and boys.

Misaims Duty highlights are designs that are more elegant, classic and studied, for daily and formal clothes. It is more expensive than the other stores of the group.

Fashion for women, men and, recently, children. Berserk began distributing fashion for girls, and, more recently, for boys too. It also has a youthful style, although not as urban as Pull & Bear. Strabismus is aimed at the young woman. A mix between Pull & Bear and Berserk, but more similar to the latter.

Shoo lingerie and women’s underwear (but also includes pajamas, accessories, bathing suits in the summer and more) also includes collections for little girls and babies.

Ezra Home interiors, utensils for household furnishings, accessories, kitchenware, Ezra Home Kids (for children). MOM HOLLOWLY 06 SE CO. Tend 146 Utter?e is the latest addition to Inedited, selling accessories including shoes, handbags, Jewelry and sunglasses. Intends to present a sober image, inspired by the English clubs, but at the same time is clear and modern. More costly than the group’s other brands, except for Misaims Duty, it still aims to be price-competitive with the big brands in the market.

And then launched for international markets. This multilateral portfolio has allowed Inedited to target different segments more effectively.

However, the cost of maintaining several brands and the risk of centralization are the major drawbacks of this strategy. Inedited tries to tackle centralization by differentiating the brands mainly through the product, target markets (customer groups and countries), store presentation and retail image. Ezra has attractive pricing with an average selling price ?¬15-20. The company’s market share is below 1 per cent of the general clothing market in most countries.

Human resource policy and training The stores continue to be the main motor of employment in the company, presenting 89 per cent of the total number of employees in the Group.

The fact that Indies’s particular business model is designed to constantly adapt to customers’ needs means that management considers training and internal promotion of its professionals as key elements of its activity. Case study 1. 1 EZRA 147 Training of the staff is also a huge investment each year. The internal training plans are adapted to the needs of the group professionals according to their activity and are of a diverse nature: information about the two companies (see also Table 2 for a direct comparison of the three global competitors).

Try training for new employees management and administration of teams languages information systems new technologies individual training plans store management systems presentation of collections training in products, raw materials and corporate social responsibility (CARS). Retailer based in San Francisco, California, and founded in 1969 by Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher. The com pan has five primary brands: the namesake Gap banner, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Prelims and Athlete. Despite its publicly traded status, the founding Fisher family remains deeply involved in Gap Inc. ‘s business.

Donald Fisher served as chairman of the board until 2004; when he stepped down, he was succeeded by his son, Robert J. Fisher. Today Glenn K. Murphy serves both as chairman and CEO, but the Fisher family still has family members on the board. In the linguistic sphere, the Spanish and English language are priorities.

The materials taught on each course vary according to the nature of the activity of each professional and the specific vocabulary required. Competition Sara’s major global competitors in terms of market share are Gap Inc. And H. The following presents some Table 2 Gap Inc.

The company was established in 1947 in Vaster?s, Sweden, by Reeling Person, though at the time it only sold women’s clothing and was called Hens, Swedish for ‘hers’.

In 1968, Person acquired the premises and inventory of a Stockholm hunting equipment store