Malignant Hyperthermia CASE STUDY

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Delmarva pub. Malignant Hyperthermia he meaning of hyperthermia is high body temperature and malignant which means bad. Malignant hyperthermia is a genetic condition; if when a patient is given a certain type of anesthetic their body reacts in a certain way. The problem with malignant hyperthermia is that you cannot tell if a patient has malignant hyperthermia.

Some of the best drugs that are out in the market, which we used most commonly and are the best for most patients, are the ones that can trigger a MM reaction.

Some symptoms that the patient can have during an attack are elevation of body temperature, patient muscle contrition, and patient’s starts to heat. Once the symptoms begins it can progress very rapidly over a course of 15, to 30 minutes and the patient can go from a normal body temperature to a body temperature that causes irreversible damage.

Anesthesiologist referred this condition known as malignant hyperthermia as their worst nightmare because the patient is in critical condition and it must be turned around with in 15 minutes or the patient can die. There are two ways in indicating if you have MM by muscle biopsy test or genetic testing. The only drug known for the treatment of malignant hyperthermia is Downtrodden, which is a muscle relaxant.