Case Study on Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular Dystrophy Case Study:

Muscular dystrophy is the disease which causes harm to the muscle and skeletal systems and affects the human health negatively. The disease is characterized with the alterations and destruction of the muscle and skeletal tissues, weakness and gradual reduction of the ability to walk and even move.The disease was described in the 19th century by the French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne.The doctor observed the condition and progress of the disease in little boys who were losing their capability of walking gradually. At first they just experienced muscular weakness and pain in bones but very soon they lost their ability to walk and died. The danger of the disease is the risk of the complete disability and even death.

The patient does not only feels problems with moving, but also has troubles with balancing, atrophy, has respiratory troubles and problems with heart.Muscular dystrophy is the disease which is closely connected with the genes and it is generally inherited, so if someone in the family had such a disease, there is a chance to fall ill with it.Unfortunately there is no cure for the disease yet and the patient can only reduce the effect of muscular dystrophy doing exercises and taking special kinds of medicine. It is known that the lack of physical activity and movement makes the situation worse, so patients are asked to do some exercises, train with the special devices and move all the time in order to avoid the progressing of the disease. Of course, there are many forms of muscle dystrophy and its condition depends on the individual peculiarities of the patient’s organism.Muscular dystrophy is the serious problem which strikes people of all ages, mainly children.

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The student who wants to focus on a direct case based on muscular dystrophy should learn about the disease itself and catch the cause and effect, the methods of treatment, the danger it carries, etc.The definite case on muscular dystrophy is the observation of the condition and activity of the patient who suffers from the disease. The student is supposed to monitor the therapy, the methods of treatment, the type of the exercises the patient does in order to reduce the effect of muscular dystrophy. Of course, in the end the student should summarize the case professionally and predict the further result of the treatment.The most effective way to complete a good case study is to apply for the help of the Internet and use a free example case study on muscular dystrophy analyzed by the real expert in this field. It is a plus that the student can read a free sample case study on muscular dystrophy and receive a chance to prepare w ell-formatted and logical assignment.