Escort customers Case Study

However, I asked if they were hiring and she spoke to one of the boss named George if they are hiring for any positions at the restaurant. He stated, “We Need people as a waitress position, would she be willing to work for this? ” I received a call from Vanessa Nether I would like to work as a waitress position at this well known restaurant that is filled with many customers who comes in to have a great satisfying meal. I was excited to tell her that I would accept the Job. Vanessa than passed on the good news to the boss that I will happily take the position to help serve happy customers that come in for great food choices.

The next day, I was called for an interview by George Inhere he asked several questions based on my past experiences. I explained to him that I use to deal with customers at a call center name Essential which demonstrates that I have great communication skills where I can provide assistance and resolve problems. In addition, I told him my asset is speaking basic French as Nell as fluently in English because being bilingual is an essential at a restaurant like Barbie’s since one can interact easily and comfortably when speaking with the Mattress.

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In addition, being able to communicate and seeing a good service is the main, it would bring more customers into the restaurant which allows customers to feel welcoming. However, he asked me several questions regarding how I should treat customers.

I stated that I should treat all customers in a polite matter with respect and serve customers well in every visit so they will continue to come back. In addition, I am willing to take the chance of learning new skills to adapt to the experiences of becoming a waitress. However, with the communication skills and problem-solving skills I can surely be able to satisfy customers in a diner setting.

Nether it is call center or restaurant I am capable to express my skills to enhance customers to have an enjoyable visit by interacting and serving items on the menu. In waitress position being able to provide a good pleasing experience for customers is Important because when they leave the restaurant they should be filled in their stomachs as well as the satisfaction of coming back to Barbie’s. Few days passed, and had a trainer for two weeks that who trained me, how to follow each tasks the in the right method.

The following tasks I had to: Escort customers to their tables due to owe many customers on busy working days Give the menu soon as they place sited Note down food orders on a slip and bring to kitchen staff Serve the food and practice how to hold few dishes on my hand Check with customer to ensure they are pleased with their meals and take the time to solve any problems needed Place sugar and salt and ketchup on my side of the tables that I am working at Informing on the black board if there any discounts Inputting customers paid in the computer system and give them their recite After, the two weeks of training, George the manager was glad to see me follow every procedure the correct way. As time progressed I was able to improve my skills each day which I finally completed my training. I started to work and get minimum wage and including tips however, it was based on how busy the restaurant is each day. Rhea customers were pleased with their service hence same people continuously enter the restaurant in a daily basis which brought a good reputation for the restaurant itself. Occasionally the restaurant would get busy at some part of the day Inch would be great because I was able to meet new people and please them with great food.

The partners that were in charge of this restaurant had a discussion bout the productivity of the work which they finalized to come up with a decision to hire more people due to how busy and successful the restaurant is running.

After five months have passed they have noticed some down falls toward the restaurant. Fewer customers came to the restaurant and the restaurant lost a lot of money due to me as an employee, also, customers have noticed a change ever since they hired a new worker name Rave at the kitchen because one person that used to work there bought a bakery shop and left this restaurant and the street closing down. Rave he didn’t have any experience in the cooking field and was completed new to his position because the restaurant needed someone they hired him right away. He use to do everything the wrong way.

George the partner was trying to help him for couple weeks but didn’t know what to tell him he was still seeing no improvements in his work He use to always put the wrong chicken get it cooked and when the waitress comes to get it to give it to the customer they try eating and they complain saying, this not the right order I have asked for.

Many times, Rave didn’t know what to do Nile he was working the waitress was not polite to him because he was new and hey told George why can you hire someone that has experience, but in that spot they needed someone. Another problem, I have faced being an employee in working as a Mattress when one of the customer I noted down something in French on piece of paper to one of the customer that ordered asking me, “Viands De Fume©e “, and I totally understood differently I thought he said something with a sandwich and customer wasn’t please to what happen that time because I served them the wrong order.

I didn’t mean to put the wrong order but Just because of one wrong order the customers all looked at me very bad in the sense they thought why I am I working ere if I don’t understand the language properly, I knew French but not fluently. I didn’t know how to say every foodstuff that they were cooking in the kitchen. I seem to understand most of them but that day I misunderstood and made the customers feel strange about this restaurant. I really felt discourage about this they went to tell the manager that this girl has to learn French to serve people then I had no clue what to do and felt so down about myself I never had an issue like this till this appear to happen.

Mostly, the customers was the pleased with the food that the new person that got hired. People started to say to other people not to go to this restaurant the service bad due to that we lost a lot of the great customers that use to come in the beginning they started to stop coming. The partners used several strategies to help get the business running up by and by giving free popcorn to the customers that Newer coming to eat but even that it did not make a difference as they kept seeing a big downfall to the restaurant. Thus, the customers started to think that this restaurant is not able to move up as it falling into the downfall where things are not going as the manager and the partners want it to be.