Porch’s customers Case Study

Propose rivers purchase their car because of the wants not the needs. Porch’s unique and often dangerous characteristics and the brands appeal to a very narrow segment of financially successful people are some of the reasons Porch’s customers are drawn Into them.

Propose customers purchase their cars for pure enjoyment and they are not moved by the Information but by feelings. Question 2: contrast the traditional Propose customer decision process to the decision process for a Cayenne or a Ephemera customer. (10 points)

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Cayenne and Ephemera customers decision process is different than the decision process of a traditional Propose driver. The customer has to choose if it wants a SUB or a 4 seated sedan. In this case the buyer has to think about the needs.

The potential customer also has to go through the information search process because they need more information about the car then most traditional Propose buyers. Question 3: which concepts from the chapter explain why Propose sold so many lower-priced models In the 1 sass en asses? (10 points) Economic situation.

Propose focused on a lower class than they did before. They made models that were less expensive, a new class was now able to afford a Propose. This all had to do with the economy in the ‘ASS and ‘ASS. Questions 4: Explain how both positive and negative attitudes toward a brand like Propose develop.

How might Propose change consumer attitudes toward the brand? (5 points) A positive attitude towards Propose Is that the brand represents the higher classes and that Propose Is able to let customers express their feelings with the cars they sell.

A negative telltale towards ten Drain Is when Persons solo less expensive Ana exclusive cars. A lot of already existing customers did not like this and Propose wasn’t as exclusive as it used to be. Propose should focus on the lower upper and upper class so that the brand won’t loose it’s value. Question 5: What role does the Propose brand play in the self-concept of its buyers? The self-concept role of Propose is very important to its buyers. Drivers off Propose want the upper-class status.

The brand stands for successful people who achieved their goals in life.