Porsche Marketing Case Study

This can include searching on the Propose website, looking through ads of heir products, or even going to the dealerships to gather more information on the car that they may want. After researching about the Propose cars the consumer Is interested In and then look at the competitors of Propose such as the Toyota Supra, Ionians GET-R, BMW 6 series, Etc.

The next step is for the Propose consumer is to make the decision to buy their car. When the consumer decides on the Propose then comes the postprocessor behavior.

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The new Propose owner will be zooming around the streets marketing Propose without even having to say a word. This new owner can give feedback to the company where they can turn that feedback Into a marketing technique for new customers to purchase their car. 2. For the buyer process of a regular Propose car versus the large Sub’s (Cayenne and Ephemera) the first two phases are pretty much the same in which the buyer still has to determine there is a need for a car and putting in the research to which cars are viable options to purchase.

When researching the buyer may look to the facts of each of the two deferent types of cars. Then comes the process of evaluating each alternative. If the buyer Is strictly looking at purchasing a Propose then It comes to how they view their car. Traditional buyers like the sleek, loud, and fast moving flow to the car as they don’t exactly see the same with their Subs. The decision is the same in the buyer process.

Lastly the buyers take part in the postprocessor behavior. With those who buy either the Cayenne or the Ephemera comes their interpretation of the car.

Many who buy those crass expect that It will stray away from that special Propose eel but come out very surprised and say that It runs Like a Propose more than an SUB 3. Cultural factors can explain why Propose sold so many lower priced models in the ass and ass. The high values that Propose upholds, deeply influences the consumers behavior. When people in this time saw someone driving a Propose, they saw the high-class luxury lifestyle and had a desire to be in the same position that they were in.

When Propose came out with these lower priced models consumers wanted to lump In on this lifestyle that the rich were living In.

These cultural factors led nonusers to want to purchase the low priced Propose. 4. The positive attitudes toward a brand like Propose are developed by social factors. People who buy a Propose get that sense of feeling that they are successful and are apart of a higher echelon of the social totem pole. The negatives that come with this brand of Propose Is that It gives an exclusive feeling to people and that not everyone can nave ten opportunity to NY around town snowing TOT tenet Nell class Persons.

Propose can change consumer attitudes by giving off a more family oriented vibe to heir cars as well as continuing to produce the high level, upper social status to the car. 5. The role of the Propose brand name plays a huge factor to their buyers. When a person thinks of a Propose, some words that associate with it are high class, rich, fast. When the buyers associate those words with the Propose, it gives them the image of success and that they are at the higher end of the social status.

Being an owner of a Propose gives one a special feeling that those who own your average car don’t share.