Case Study: A degree for Meter Readers

I would want a Job that would help me gain experience, knowledge, and maybe even good contacts for my future in business law. The anger I experienced was more for the recruiter. I felt angry because she really did not try to do anything to change the directors’ mind. She first hand knows the difficulty the company is having in keeping only forty meter readers. She should have explained the situation and if still the director was adamant in raising the education requirement she should have taken her case to someone above the human resource erector.

Learning Ninth this case, I learned that sometimes people expect you to do something that you feel is wrong.

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Unfortunately, these types of situations not only happen in the work place, but also happen in everyday life and we have the choice to do something about it, especially if we feel their requests are wrong. We have the power and ability to stand by what we feel is right and do something about what we feel is wrong.

In this case, the recruiter knew that if the education was raised from having only a high school diploma to a college degree the company would have even more trouble in finding qualified people to fill the Jobs and to keep the Jobs filled. The recruiter had a DOD case and her case would only be benefiting the company. By taking her case Ninth all the facts she would have been able to show the company that if they continued with the decision the company would begin to see even more problems. Any company leaders would not want that; they would only want the company to be successful and would want to avoid as many problems as possible.

By being presented with all the facts and the future difficulties, the company leaders would have seen how this decision would not be beneficial to the company and would have overridden the detection. (IMPACT ON YOUR) BEHAVIOR This case impacted my behavior in a future sense. It made be realize how I would behave when I have my own companies and I am the CEO. I would behave very differently if I were in a case like this. I would make sure to thoroughly think of every new decision I make or of any decision I would change.

I would make sure to get all he facts first in order to make a new decision.

(PERMANENT BEHAVIORAL) RESULTS After reading and analyzing this case, I really have not had any permanent behavioral changes. My behavior remains the same and I would do everything the same way as I stated in the last analysis question. As a matter of fact, because of this case I feel much strongly about how I would act and behave when put in this type of situation anytime in the future. Questions 1 . Should there be a minimum education requirement for the meter reader Job?

I do tot believe there should be a minimum education requirement for the meter reader ebb. As stated in the case “The tasks required in meter reading are moderately simple.

” So why would you need a college graduate to do these tasks? I personally believe, if the applicant has a driver’s license and is able to read and write the applicant is qualified enough for the Job as a meter reader. 2. What is your opinion of James’ effort to upgrade the people in the organization? In my opining, his effort in trying to “upgrade” the company’s employees is Just stupid.

He is not thinking clearly nor is he thinking of the future problems this decision is going to cause the company. 3. What legal ramifications, if any, should James have considered? The legal ramifications James should have considered would concern his current employees as meter readers.

Once this decision is applied what is going to happen to the employees that only have a high school diploma? Are they going to get fired, even though they have given years of their life to this company? As I stated earlier, he was not thinking clearly when he made this decision.