Case Study About Dasureco

Typically, a technical report includes research about technical concepts as well as graphical depictions of designs and data. A technical report also follows a strict organization, This way, IT Professionals can easily understand the languages use in any report. The Dave del Sure Electric Cooperative, Inc. Or DECREASE and its electricity business, performs many transactions within each sections or department every day.

To perform each department’s activities, all departments has computers to achieve Its goals without time constraints.

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The company has a System Administration Section, whose staffs are in control while facilitating the different company’s machines, tasked to perform maintenance of each computer system in each department and sections, tasked to assure security within each departments by applying the security measures every time and do testing from time to time, and also, it is the section of DECREASE where it continue studying and observing about the needs of each department related to computers.

They also have a wide knowledge about the computers in regards to its hardware, software applications or programs. According to one of the staff of System Administration, they upgrade the computers and the system from time to time depending on the needs of each employee in their work processes and transactions. This is to make the work easier and faster, so that, many tasks will be finished ahead of deadline. Member Service Department and also the Finance Section and under this is the Accounting Department, that are all automated.

Each of the company’s departments ND sections has Its own server In the Data Center Room; this is for In case need of accessing some information needed from other departments through having access on its server. This is to get data that is needed to finish transactions from other departments especially about consumers profile. The one who manages the Data Center Room is the staff and employees under the System Administrator, Mr… Trim Capitols.

For example, the Billing Section sometimes uses an access to the server of Member Service Department in consultation about the consumers profile or payment n case the consumer needs a service or any other concerns. This is possible according to Mr… Funnies, one of the staff of the System Administrator. Each department also uses databases or other application and programming software.

This is to systematize the operations and transactions done in the daily goals of the work for better servicing and better outcome of each transaction for the company and its consumers.

In conclusion, the System Administration alms for advancement of the computers(hardware or software machines and other devices to keep on Improving them for the best of DECREASE. As part of the IT 314 Management Information System (MIS) course, the proponents are required to find a company/office to be the subject of a system study. The main purpose of the said course is to study and observe the Information System that they are using. The group chose Dave del Sure Electric Cooperative, Inc.


In the whole course of studying and observing the Billing system, the principles and theory learned from Management Information System are applied. The members of the group conducted case study to have further knowledge regarding the subject matter. According to an article from the web, case study search excels at bringing us to an understanding of a complex issue or object and can extend experience or add strength to what is already known through previous research. Case studies emphasize detailed contextual analysis of a limited number of events or conditions and their relationships.

Researchers have used the case study research method for many years across a variety of disciplines. Critics of the case study method believe that the study of a small number of cases can offer no grounds for establishing reliability or generality of findings. Others feel that the intense exposure to study of the case biases the findings. Some dismiss case study research research method with success in carefully planned and crafted studies of real-life situations, issues, and problems. Reports on case studies from many disciplines are widely available in the literature.

To gather facts for the case study, the members conducted an interview to some of the System Administration’s staffs.

The staffs discussed about the company’s technical outline. In conclusion, the members can say that the company runs the business very well with the help of information systems that they use for each of their task. The DECREASE provides electric power in each Barings in the whole Dave del Sure involved in electric power generation, bulk transmission of electricity from power stations to load centers and its distribution to the customers.

The consumers can save up because of the low price of the electricity that’s because the company has inexpensive electricity by its meter reading. In order to perform the company’s functions and to attain suitable effectiveness, all power stations, substations, power lines forming power grids, the related control centers and other components are interconnected forming an Electric Power Systems.

This interconnection is now the strongest at the national level, forming a regional power system. However, an increasing tendency can be seen (e. G. N to build up more and more stronger connections between the separate Peps in Dave del Sure. Energy related policy of the DECREASE networks to provide a sound basis for free and competitive electricity market in Dave del Sure and strengthening security of energy supply. For 63 years of service the company is using an automated system for achieving to accomplish the transactions every day.

The DAVE DEL SURE ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. Or DECREASE a category A+, on-stock and non-profit Mega Large Cooperative. It is the 63rd to be registered and incorporated with the National Electrification Administration (NEE).

It is the primary distributor of electricity in the province of Dave del Sure, covering fourteen (14) municipalities and a city- which in total is composed of 337 Barings. Rural electrification in Dave del Sure dates back as early as 1950 when a family- owned utility named Rural Electrification Corporation (RECORDS) was granted franchise to operate in the province. Only the town centers were served with electricity then for only five hours a day.

Due to poor generation and distribution set- up, power as sold at a very high price.

Because of this, this keen interest of the people to improve electrification in the province was stirred. It was the initial efforts of the local officials, headed by then Governor Into D. Llanos, Sir. , which paved way for the creation of DECREASE on June 1, 1975.

Before the year ended, DECREASE took over the operation of RECORDS with nine (9) self- generating units as the interim source of power. It was in December 21, 1979 when the ultimate power source from the National Power Corporation (NP), Ma. Christina in ‘align City, reached Dave del Sure. This marked the beginning of round-the-clock electric service in the Dave del Sure.

Electric Cooperatives (Sec) were organized in 1969 through the creation of the National Electrification Administration (NEE) under R>A.

6038. This law declared as national policy the TOTAL ELECTRIFICATION of the country on an area coverage basis. The area “area coverage” concept was used in order for electric service to be extended not only in the town centers but also in remote Barings. Since their establishment, SEC have become effective arms if the government in levering that one important service of electricity to our countrymen in a more expedient manner. They are the little Davis which have causes bigger than themselves.

The common vision of total electrification is what distinguishes Electric Cooperatives from other sectors and which no giant business entity can ever match because rural electrification is a program not often equating to profit.

It is a program of the people, by the people, and for the people. In its thirty-three years, DECREASE actively belonged and led the group of 119 electric cooperatives all over the country. It stayed true to the very reason of its incorporation-that is to deliver to the people of Dave del Sure dependable, affordable, and round-the-clock electric service. 950- Rural Electrification Corporation (

The Billing System is a type of system that has a relation or transaction with the consumers. For these season, the proponents have chose to study and explore more about the Billing System of DECREASE.

Another reason is that this system has something to do with other information systems from other company departments/sections making it unique and interesting to study. 5. 1 Purpose of the Study company, how the company operates and to learn about a certain information system that they are using. 5. Scope of the Study The scope of our study is for the billing system of the company. The study will include their network topology, hardware and software that they currently use, and also the system administrator.

Its’ focus is on the function of how the billing system works. The study does not cover the entire departments of the company, only the billing section with the help of the System Administration staffs who are the ones that created the IS. 5. 3 Objectives of the Study 1. To get an idea about how they use their system. 2.

To know how their Billing IS processes and features. Role of there IS. 4. To know what Hardware and Software they are using. 3. To know what is the 5.

To help the company about what are they going to improve or upgrade to there 6. To propose a sample system to their company. 5. Strategic Role of Information System in the Company According from a site, SIS are the foundation for conducting business today. In many industries, survival and even existence without extensive use of IT is inconceivable, and IT plays a critical role in increasing productivity.

Although information technology has become more of a commodity, when coupled with complementary changes in organization and management, it can provide the foundation for new products, services, and ways of conducting business that provide firms with a strategic advantage.

The Billing Information system is a major tool for firms to create new rodents and services, and also an entirely new business models. An information system helps describe how a company produces, delivers, and sells a product or service to create wealth or in other term, to gain profit.

The DECREASE implies and aims for more development and advancement in their company. An actual example is what IS the proponents have chosen for case study, the Billing System. The company enhances their Billing System by adding more billing posts areas wherein electricity consumers pay their bills. The System Administration staffs integrate the Billing System to each venue of these billing posts like that in the malls, banks and others.

The system of these billing posts functions to save update payments of consumers and the daily payment information of the consumers automatically connects with the main Billing System for more accurate information and does not need manual listing. The strategy of this Billing System helps other departments to have a fast and efficient way of making their transactions. 5. 1 Relationship of Information System and the Organization The Billing Information System is the bridge between the consumer and the company